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Why Strength training is important for fat loss

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Why Strength training is important for fat loss

Why Strength training is important for fat loss:  

Cardio may be effective in losing weight but is not as effective at burning fat and increasing lean mass like weight training. Performing too much cardio will put your body in a catabolic state and burn muscle. The loss of muscle will not only reduce strength but it will also slow you’re your metabolism as well and when your metabolism slows down too much it may become harder to burn fat. While cardio burns calories when you are performing it, high rep strength training has high EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption), which basically means how long your metabolism stays elevated after exercise. This means that after strength training your body is continuing to burn calories whereas with cardio it is only burning calories while doing the cardio exercise and does not continue burning calories after.

The scale is not as important as we all seem to think because yes we can be losing weight, but what kind of weight are we losing, fat or muscle or both? When you incorporate strength training your weight may go down, up or stay the same depending on the person but no matter what the scale says you’ll carry more muscle and less fat. 

Having more lean muscle leads to a higher BMR (Basal metabolic rate). When you have more lean muscle your basal metabolic rate will increase and your body will burn more calories at rest. The metabolic demand of muscle is greater than it is for a pound of fat, so when you are just sitting around the amount of energy needed to maintain a pound of muscle is much greater than a pound of fat.

Strength training and working out in general makes you feeling stronger mentally and physically. It also increases energy levels and improves your mood. Read my blog on emotional benefits of working out.

Overall, the best way to lose fat is strength training along with balanced nutrition and some cardio according to your goals

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Written By:  Rebecca Desousa BS Nutritional Sciences

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