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Benefits of Strength Training in Your Weight Loss Journey

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Benefits of Strength Training in Your Weight Loss Journey

Benefits of Strength Training in Your Weight Loss Journey

  1. Build lean muscle → increase your metabolism → burn fat
    • When you incorporate weight-lifting into your fitness routine, you are building muscle -- not necessarily bulky bodybuilder muscle (unless you are specifically training and eating for that), but lean muscle. This muscle burns more calories per pound than fat does, therefore increasing your overall metabolism. When your body is burning more calories at rest with a more efficient metabolism, it is so much easier for your body to burn fat!
  2. But why not just do lots of cardio?
    • Cardio burns plenty of calories while you are doing it -- that is true. But strength training is going to burn more calories WHILE YOU ARE AT REST and overall in the day. This goes hand-in-hand with the increased metabolism and fat burning that comes with lean muscle building. Doing tons of cardio is kind of like running around and around in a hamster wheel: burning calories in the moment but not necessarily getting you anywhere in the long run (unless you are literally training for a long run).
  3. Change your body composition
    • You can LOOK thinner without necessarily losing weight when you have less bodyfat and more muscle mass. A pound of muscle takes up less space than a pound of fat, so why not allow your body to build muscle while you lose fat to change up the composition and change how you look and feel without just focusing on the number on the scale?
  4. Sculpt your body as you go along
    • You can’t spot-reduce your fat loss; that is, you can’t decide where your body loses fat. However, you can shape your body with strength training, whether you’re looking for curves, muscles, or just a lean body structure.

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Written by Gwen Morris, Nutritionist at RevolutioniZe

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