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6 Strength training myths debunked

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6 Strength training myths debunked

6 Strength training myths debunked:

Myth #1: Lifting weights make women bulky

  • Women do not have the same hormonal profile as men, making it much harder to build lots of muscle. Women have much less testosterone than males and yes women can build muscle just at a slower pace than men! Nothing happens overnight it takes years of hard work in the gym and eating the right amounts of macro-nutrients!

Myth #2: Light weights & high reps tone muscles

  • Many people lift weights to “tone” their muscles. They envision long, lean muscles that have shape and definition without the bulk of a bodybuilder. It is a great goal but the way most people try to get there by light weights and high reps is misguided. “Toning” is a combination of decreased body fat and increased muscle size. You cannot make a muscle longer with strength training, your muscle origin and insertion points are predetermined and its length will not change, but you can make a muscle bigger by training it hard at the gym along with decreasing body with the right nutrition.

Myth #3: Squatting is bad for your knees

  • Squatting is not bad for your knees; squatting incorrectly is bad for your knees. Assuming you do not have pre-existing injuries your knees should be fine when squatting when you use an appropriate amount of weight, keep your knees in line, and keep you heels on the ground)

Myth #4: Deadlifting is bad for you back

  • Deadlifts are super beneficial for building full-body strength but just like squats if done wrong can put a strain on your body especially your back. Deadlifts are all about proper form!

Myth #6: Machines are safer than free weights

  • A lot of people choose to use the machines at the gym because they think they are safer but that is not true, again if you have the right form whether it is on the machine or free weight you can get strong and build muscle. Magic happens outside your comfort zone so if you do the machines to play it safe venture out to the free weight zone

Knowledge is power, so do not let these myths prevent you from being the best you can be!

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Written By:  Rebecca Desousa BS Nutritional Sciences

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