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5 Ways To Fit Exercise Into A Busy Schedule

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5 Ways To Fit Exercise Into A Busy Schedule

With a busy schedule, sometimes it seems nearly impossible to fit exercise In. Here are five rev-approved tips for getting your exercise in regardless of how busy you are. Remember, the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do, and it’s not about HAVING time, it’s about MAKING time.


  1. Wake up earlier than usual to train, or train at night

If you have children, a job, or other schedule constraints that get in the way of a workout, set an alarm for yourself earlier than normal and get your sweat in while the rest of the world sleeps! You could also get a workout in at night, also while the rest of the world sleeps! Many gyms are open very late or even 24 hours.


  1. Get small amounts of exercise in throughout the day

Rather than dedicating a full hour or so to the gym, exercise throughout the day in 10-15 minute intervals! For example, If you went for a short 15 minute run before work, then did a brisk 15 minute walk with your coworkers on your lunch break, and then played with the kids in the yard for 15 minutes, that’s 45 minutes of activity!


  1. Get the family involved

If weekends and/or after-school is the only time you truly have to exercise, involve the family! Get the kids outside, away from electronics and play some active games like soccer or volleyball. You could also (weather permitting) go hiking, running, walking, kayaking, etc. You don’t have to be lifting weights in the gym just to get some activity in.


  1. Get the office involved

See if your boss/coworkers would be interested in delegating even just 30 minutes a day to some sort of group exercise. Studies have shown that even though this is taking away from work time, it can improve employee concentration, communication and relationships formed. Some ideas would be to have an office dance party, go for walks together, etc. Also, many offices often have weight loss competitions. This is another incentive to get your sweat on!


  1. Commit yourself to a class or personal trainer

Commitment and accountability go a long way. If you have signed up for classes or a personal trainer, you NEED to show up since you made the commitment and their time is valuable (similar to rev!). Thus, you have a little extra incentive to get there, get the workout in, and move on with your day.

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