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10 Things You Actually Need to Bring To The Gym (or last minute gift ideas)

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10 Things You Actually Need to Bring To The Gym (or last minute gift ideas)

10 Things You Actually Need to Bring To The Gym (or last minute gift ideas)

Advertisements, especially on social media, lead us to believe that we need all of the latest gadgets and supplements in order to get a good workout in or lose fat efficiently when that couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are ten things you can do to ACTUALLY get the most out of your workout.


  1. Ipod/MP3 Player

The best investment you will ever make will be buying an ipod to listen to music in the gym rather than using a cell phone! Leaving your phone in the locker room or in your bag on airplane mode ensures that you will not be distracted by text messages, social media, phone calls, etc. Unplugging from the rest of the world allows you to get the most out of your workout, physically and mentally!

  1. Preworkout or Caffeinated Beverage

Caffeine will save you on those days that you are dragging! Whether your drink of choice is a coffee or a scoop of preworkout, utilizing caffeine will help give you the energy to get a great workout in.

  1. A MEAL!

Fueling your body properly before and after a workout may be your secret to success. Without energy in the form of food, your strength and endurance will not be anywhere near as good as it could be. Plus, you risk injuries. If you must workout fasted, stick to cardio rather than lifting, but understand that working out without food is like driving a car without gas. Not very efficient!

  1. Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are a great little gadget. They never get tangled or caught on anything & generally the sound quality is higher than regular headphones. If you’ve ever worked out with regular headphones and accidentally looped your headphone around a barbell or weight machine in the middle of a set, you know how terrifying that can be, especially if the weight is heavy. Also, wireless headphones are a great gift to get someone!

  1. Lifting wrist straps

Especially useful for deadlifts, these little straps will help with your grip. Sometimes we lift a weight that the muscles in our body can totally handle, it’s just the grip that we struggle with. Solve that easily with lifting straps! Plus, they’re not at all expensive.

  1. Large Water Bottle or Gallon Jug

Nothing is more annoying than constantly having to refill your generic 16.9 oz plastic water bottle in the gym. Solve that simply by investing in a bigger bottle of water or just drinking from gallon jugs. You will waste less time & save plastic too! Plus, a nice water bottle makes a wonderful stocking stuffer or gift.

  1. Protein Shake

For the days when you’re on the move and unable to fuel your body properly immediately after the workout, a scoop of protein in a shaker bottle is a great thing to pack in your bag. Protein powder has the highest bioavailability of any protein source, meaning it is digested & absorbed at an extremely fast and efficient rate. A great thing to pack in your gym bag! Protein bars could also work.

  1. Foam Roller

Stretching and foam rolling is something we definitely always recommend during or after a workout. Foam rolling helps those sore, tight muscles more than you think. If your gym has a foam roller definitely take advantage of that, and if it does not, invest in one because odds are you’ll never need to get a new one as they are fairly durable, despite their low price!

  1. Bring a buddy

Nothing is more motivating than a workout partner! Plus, bringing a friend to the gym with you is usually a lot more fun than working out alone. Workout buddies can really help push you harder so you can finish strong, and help keep you accountable!

  1. A PLAN

Last but not least! Go into the workout with a plan in mind to stay focused! Whether you plan on working out a specific muscle group, beating a PR, doing cardio for a specific amount of miles, etc, coming into the gym with a plan gives you structure, which is a key aspect of this lifestyle.

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Written by: Emily Ventura BS Public Health

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