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How The Heck Do I Track Alcohol When Using Flexible Nutrition?

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How The Heck Do I Track Alcohol When Using Flexible Nutrition?

Alcohol and Macronutrient Tracking


Is it possible to lose body fat and still drink alcohol?


The short answer is yes, however it does take a little bit of math to track it,and it does have some rough effects on your metabolism (which we will discuss in a future blog). 

Alcohol is one of the 4 macronutrients - Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat, and Alcohol.

  • One gram of Protein yields 4 calories
  • One gram of Carbohydrates yields 4 calories
  • One gram of Fat yields 9 calories
  • One gram of Alcohol yields 7 calories

We suggest counting alcohol as carbohydrates so the calories do not go unaccounted for in 3 easy steps -


 1. Remember alcohol as 7 calories per gram

 2. Find the number of calories in your alcoholic beverage and divide by 7 

 3. You can also create and save your drink under “My Foods” in the my fitness pal app to make it easier to track quickly in the future This allows you to enter in your own calorie and carbohydrate amount manually!



12oz of Bud Light Beer: 110 calories – 110 7 =  15 grams of carbs

Vodka Tonic: 8 fl oz tonic water- 83 calories & 1 fl oz vodka- 64 calories: 

147 calories / 7 = 21 grams of carbs

Hopefully this clears things up a little for you. Again this is not saying its a good idea to have tons of booze while trying to lose body fat,but if you must have some this will keep you accountable.

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Written by: Kristen Farawell, BS Nutrition and Dietetics

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