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7 Reasons Why Drinking Water is Essential for Fat Loss

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7 Reasons Why Drinking Water is Essential for Fat Loss

7 Reasons Why Drinking Water is Essential for Fat Loss…



  1. Increases metabolism of fat (burning fat for energy)
  • This process involves the liver and kidney where the liver metabolizes body fat and the kidneys filter the system for waste and toxins. During this process kidneys require proper hydration and if it does not have the proper hydration the kidneys must rely on the liver, which causes the liver to slow down the process of taking your stored fat and turning it into energy. 


  1. Important for a proper digestive system and hormonal balance
  • You need water to cleanse your GI tract and remove metabolic waste out. Without enough water you can diminish the ability of you digestive tract to take in nutrients and fuel your body. When there is an imbalance anywhere in the body the hormonal balances of other systems can be thrown off which again can slow down fat metabolism.


  1. Hormonal Signals
  • Whenever the body senses lack of food it will most likely result in lack of water as well. When the body senses this it will try to fight back and hold onto its fat stores but if we give the body the amount of water needed you can limit this effect and your body will take that as a signal that there is enough water and it’s safe to let go of the fat stores.


  1. Increases Energy, Focus, & Physical Strength
  • When your muscles are hydrated it will lead to better workouts which will lead to growth stimulation
  • Being hydrated can also help with concentration and energy levels that could help you get throughout the day and/or a workout.


  1. Reduce chances of overeating and appetite control
  • Drinking water during or a little before a meal can help decrease how much you eat at meal time which could help if you are having trouble with overeating.
  • Water is an appetite suppressant and when you drink enough water it can minimize hunger. Before you go and grab something to eat drink some water and then see if you are still hungry.


  1. Reduces water weight
  • If you are dehydrated you hold extra pounds in water weight because your body doesn’t know when it will get more water so it retains the water. Once your body becomes hydrated it will excrete the extra water weight which will decrease bloating among many other things.


*** Simple tips for staying hydrated always have a water bottle with you, get a refillable water bottle and take note of how many times you refill it throughout the day, keep it on your desk in front of you and throughout the day take sips, add flavor such as lemon or lime

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Written By:  Rebecca Desousa BS Nutritional Sciences

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