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5 Ways to Deal With a Slowing Metabolism

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5 Ways to Deal With a Slowing Metabolism

5 ways to deal with a slowing metabolism

Metabolism refers to the process of converting calories from food that we eat into energy to power your bodily functions. Your metabolism determines the amount of calories your body can eat and needs to maintain your weight. Your metabolism is affected by three major things:

  1. Basal metabolic rate (BMR): BMR tells you the numbers of calories needed to maintain your body in a rested fasting state. The factors that affect this is age, gender, size, muscle mass, genetics and health-related factors. Your BMR accounts for 60-70% of the total calories you burn each day.
  2. Activity level: Your activity level accounts for about 20% of the total calories you burn each day. Your activity level tells you the number of calories you use up during exercise.
  3. Food thermogenesis: This tells you the amount of calories needed to digest and absorb your food. It accounts about 10% of the total calories you burn each day.

Anything that affects the three things I mentioned would change the amount of calories needed to maintain your body weight. Your BMR is adaptable and it increases or decreases to provide your body’s needs.

  1. Strength training: Adding muscle mass increases your BMR, allowing you to burn more calories at a rested state. If strength training is not part of your workout routine try adding 2-3 days.
  2. Exercise at higher intensities: Ramp up your exercise instead of just walking include some sprints, jump rope, bike, swim, etc. Push yourself harder to get your heartrate up and exercise at a higher intensity. When you exercise at a high intensity it allows you to reap the benefits of the after burn where you burn extra calories post-exercise.   Not only will you use more energy but you will gain more energy hours after the high intensity workout.
  3. Eat protein: High-quality protein sources supply amino acids to your muscles post-exercise so that they can repair and grow.
  4. Stay hydrated: Water is important because all the chemical reactions in your body requires water including the ones that burn calories. Water is essential and has many other benefits read my other blog that goes more into detail about water 
  5. EAT MORE: Don’t starve yourself in order to lose weight. Sure you may “lose weight” if you cut calories but most of it will be from water and muscle tissue. Also you will most likely lose muscle mass that is responsible for maintaining a higher BMR. You can also read my blog on undereating as well that goes into more detail about this subject 

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Written By:  Rebecca Desousa BS Nutritional Sciences

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