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Top 3 misconceptions about flexible nutrition

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Top 3 misconceptions about flexible nutrition

Flexible dieting is not a diet it is a science based nutritional concept. The rundown is simple; you have macronutrient goals (carbohydrates, fats, protein) which make up your calories and as long as you hit those specific numbers then the food choices are up to you based on your preference. It is as simple as that but it is the simplicity that confuses most people and causes controversy around the internet. Here are the top 3 misconceptions about flexible dieting:

1. Flexible Dieters only eat junk food. Well this is not true because half the flexible dieters wouldn’t look the way they do if they just ate junk food but no one wants to see the boring pics of chicken rice & broccoli everybody wants to see the extravagant waffle, ice cream, and tacos. It would be impossible to only eat junk food to lose fat and improve performance. The majority of flexible dieting consists of lean meats, complex carbs, and quality fats but the only difference is with flexible dieting you can have a treat while you are “dieting.” Stop looking at food as good or bad and look at food as macronutrient composition.

2. Flexible dieting doesn’t work for me. Every diet is a macro diet because macronutrients make your calories!! There is no rule that in order to do flexible dieting you have to eat junk food. You can eat whatever you like as long as at the end of the day you reach your macronutrient goals. Flexible dieting works for everyone we just have to figure out the right numbers that work right for you and you have to be patience and consistent to let your body take to the numbers.

3. It’s not healthy. If you eat the same foods every day you are restricting yourself to a specific range of micronutrients where with flexible dieting you are able to eat a wide range of foods.

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