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Tips to make counting macros as easy as can be

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Tips to make counting macros as easy as can be

We have been conditioned to shop “healthy” for some time when on a diet but what does that even mean. Healthy changes from week to week. Choose the foods you like, will eat and actually enjoy! Once you picked out some of those food then pick out some lean proteins, some carb sources, and some fruits and vegetables that you enjoy.

This isn’t a meal plan. We have been so conditioned to eat this, not that or to choose from a list of allowed foods while trying to lose weight we forget how to just eat for a healthy lifestyle. Meal prep is a different story and will help this process go a lot easier if you have some meals prepared for the week.

By planning ahead, you will have much greater success! Track ahead of time not as you go. Sit down the night before and figure out what you are tomorrow. Trust me it helps. Try different combos of foods until you get it to fit remember you are in control of what you eat.

Tradition “clean” foods tend to be higher in bulk/fiber and help with hunger and have your micronutrients. That doesn’t mean you have to eat all clean foods though it is a personal preference. The goal is to find a ratio for a good balance of sanity, hunger and health.

GIVE IT TIME. This isn’t a crash or fad diet. You will not lose 10 pounds in 1 week. If you only lose ½ a pound in 1 week, but ate foods you liked and didn’t feel the stress, pressure and restriction of a “diet”, that’s a win in my book!

Be honest with yourself and track what you are eating, even if you go over. We are looking for improvement, not perfection. If you aren’t seeing progress or trends with your progress, then re-asses how tight your tracking is and make sure you are truly weighing/measuring everything out.

Keep it simple and stay consistent! This is a lifestyle.


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