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The problems with having an all or nothing mentality

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The problems with having an all or nothing mentality

The problems with having an all-or-nothing mentality:

Whenever you start something new such as a fat loss program it is normal to want to follow the rules exactly and you trust that if you do so you will see automatic results…until you hit bumps in the road such as overindulging, stress, falling off, etc. If you have an all-or-nothing mentality and you fall off one day you will most likely keep that trend going and stay off track.

If you can answer yes to several of these questions then you may be an all-or-nothing person and may be setting yourself up for failure:

  1. Do you typically begin your program on Monday?
  2. Do you categorize food as good or bad?
  3. Do you typically under eat to “speed” up your weight loss?
  4. Do you expect to lose weight/fat by depriving and starving yourself?
  5. Do you typically think that you need to completely eliminate your favorite foods?
  6. Do you fall off the wagon and throw in the towel once you fall off and eat a “bad” food?
  7. Do you think that past failed attempts were due to lack of motivation, drive, and focus?

If these patterns sounds familiar you may be setting yourself up for failure!! You can be successful with fat loss and keep it off without being perfect all the time!!

How to STOP this cycle:

  1. Don’t start on Monday: Starting on Monday makes you think your last meal is the weekend and makes you think you can eat whatever you want because it is the last time you will be able to eat those foods. Instead of waiting until a certain day, begin at your next meal. When perfectionists are dieting and are even slightly off they may give up for the day and start again tomorrow or even start over on Monday. If you start at the next meal it is a time to refresh and start making better decisions sooner than later.
  2. Avoid using “good” and “bad” when referring to foods you eat: If you have the mindset that food is “bad” you will avoid that “bad” food and most likely crave it more because you are depriving yourself from it. FOOD IS FUEL and you can enjoy all foods if the proportions are right.
  3. STOP DEPRIVING & STARVING YOURSELF: Cutting more macro-nutrients/calories to get to your goals faster will not work long-term and it may help to manipulate the scale but won’t help your fat loss. If you excessively cut calories until your ravenous it won’t work long-term. You have to fuel your body to burn fat so stay satisfied by eating well-rounded meals and snacks. “Hunger is the number one enemy to good intentions. Hunger will sabotage you.”
  4. Don’t mistake suffering with losing fat: If you do a diet and it is difficult to maintain that is a huge red flag, you want to feel like you can do this long-term. It is a lifestyle change not a quick fix. If you feel starved, irritable and deprived it does not necessarily mean you are losing weight/fat.
  5. Don’t cut out favorite foods completely: Keep your cravings under control by occasionally fitting your favorite foods in whether it be a cookie, pizza or an extra scoop of peanut butter. If you have controlled portions it won’t derail you if you make it fit within your day!! Also allow yourself to have that one cheat meal for what you really want that week.
  6. Don’t beat yourself up: If you do mess up a little one day LET IT GO…do not beat yourself up!! Do not throw in the towel! Reflect on how this happened and the reasoning and what you can do in the future to prevent it from happening again. Do not dwell on it and let it continue! Get right back on track!
  7. Forget the past!: Before starting your fat-loss journey reflect on why other strategies have not worked for you. Was is mindless eating, emotional eating, throwing in the towel after a slip up, etc.? A great starting point for someone who practices all-or-nothing is to focus on eating mindfully and living in the now. Do not dwell on the past because you are not going back there! Try to eat mindfully to really taste the food and be in touch with your hunger and satiety level. If you find yourself going back to being a perfectionist about your diet remember “The key to optimal physical health and mental wellness is progress, not perfection.”

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    Written By:  Rebecca Desousa BS Nutritional Sciences

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