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Memorial Day Weekend Nutrition Tips

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Memorial Day Weekend Nutrition Tips

Quick Tips to keep you on track this MDW!
1) Bring your own 99% lean chicken or turkey burgers or choose a LEAN ground beef! I enjoy 95% lean. This keeps my protein high and fats low, so I can enjoy my fats with OTHER foods :)
2) If you choose to get your carbs from the burger bun, go for it! To me? It's not worth it. I would rather get my carbs from some dessert. Remember to pick and chose your spots. What's worth it and what's not?
3) Remember, fruits and veggies are carbs. So it doesn't mean you can have AS MUCH AS YOU WANT! Still make sure to TRACK :)
4) GUESSTIMATE!  No reason to sit with a food scale at your friends BBQ. At this time , take the closest guess you can. But don't make this a daily habit.
5) Eat until you are full, not until you want to vomit. Give yourself time to digest while you eat.
6) And ALWAYS drink water to fill in the cracks AND stay hydrated on this HOT MDW!!!
7) Dilute your wine with some seltzer water to make a lighter "SPRITZER"! Much more refreshing as well!
8) Don't let your one meal become a grazing FEAST for the next 8 hours!
9) Think before you eat. Seriously. Just think about it. Mindless eating gets all of us in trouble, to the point that once you realize what you are doing, you want to say "eh, screw it!" Don't let this happen to you. Just don't.
10) Lets be real. 95% of my clients will be drinking. Find lighter choices. Light beers, light liquors, club soda instead of tonic. Diet soda instead of regular. I don't drink often, AT ALL. Especially on prep. but when I do, tequila and Sprite ZERO is my fav!
11) If you are hosting, Try to send all your food temptations home with your guests. Out of site, out of mind. Just get it out of the house instead of picking at it until it's all gone!
12) Shrimp cocktail for appetizer! High in protein and low in fats and carbs. Easy on the cocktail sauce!👌
13) Veggies are great, but the dip? DEADLY. Make sure you don't douse your veggie carb source in A concoction of fat and seasonings . Home made non fat Greek yogurt dips are great! Make your own with some garlic salt, dill, and other seasonings you would enjoy!
14) TRACK AHEAD OF TIME. Create your PLAN. And follow through the BEST you can. Remember, if you have a slip up, don't let it CONTINUE. Like that old saying - if you have one flat car tire, no need to slash the other 3 !!!

Ok I can keep going on and on.... But I will keep it at this for now. ENJOY!! AND HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!!!
Written by Michele Zandman-Frankel

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