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Labor Day 2019

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Labor Day 2019

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

Labor Day Weekend- the last hurrah of summer.

I know summer has been crazy for a lot of people. Between running around with the kids to drinking and overindulging at BBQs and parties. Labor Day Weekend is often looked at as the “last hurrah of summer.” Don’t make it too indulgent when it comes to food and drink. If you have a busy and social weekend ahead of you prioritize the things that keep you in check- drinking your water, getting your protein in, including veggies and fruit throughout the day, staying active and tracking your food. If you can have a solid breakfast and lunch all weekend, you’re less likely to get out of hand at night. Keeping yourself well-nourished throughout the day will reduce the need to overdo it at a BBQ or at the bar. In case you’re headed to a BBQ this weekend, here are some tips to navigate the food.

These are my top 6 BBQ/summer party tips:

  1. Choose lean protein sources when possible

- If there's grilled chicken or turkey burgers available, opt for those to keep fat in check.

  1. Lose the bun

- Or use only half. Self-explanatory. It's an easy way to save your carbs for something more exciting.

  1. Avoid mindless eating

- There are almost always appetizers and chips out during a BBQ. We tend to graze mindlessly while chatting and this can sabotage all of our weekday effort. If you're going to have a pre-dinner bite, choose wisely. Raw veggies and shrimp cocktail are safe options.

  1. Moderation is KEY

- Don't pass up all your favorites because you're on a "diet." Look at what food options are available, decide what you want to eat, plate your food and track it. Don't overdo it, but don't deprived yourself. If BBQ ribs are your thing, have 1 or 2, track it and move on.

  1. Skip the potato salad/egg salad/macaroni salad/coleslaw

- Unless you made it yourself, chances are these salads are loaded with full-fat mayo. Instead, opt for lower fat side dishes such as grilled veggies, fresh salad or corn on the cob. 

  1. Keep drinking to a minimum

- If you're drinking, make sure to save room in your carb numbers. (Remember the formula: calories divided by 7 plus carbs= carbs you need to account for). Try to keep it to 1-    

-- Enjoy your weekend, get outside and soak up the last of the summer!

Lauren Perdichizzi

Nutrition Counselor

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