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Is nutrition the foundation of a healthy body and mind?

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Is nutrition the foundation of a healthy body and mind?

Is nutrition the foundation of a healthy body and mind?

There has been a lot of studies in the past decade focused on your mood and the food/beverages you consume. Is there a real connection? The truth is, your diet can have a big effect on your mood but also the opposite is true; your mood can play a large role in what foods you go to grab for. Remember, that bag of chips you reach for when you’re stressed isn’t going to solve your problems. It’s actually going to create for a new one: weight gain.

Unprocessed, whole foods such as berries, bananas, coffee, lemon and veggies have been shown to boost mood and help curb cravings, while added sugar and white breads/pastas set you up for a sluggish and unmotivated day. New research has shown a lot of truth behind eating for your gut as well as everything else. Add in fermented foods to keep your gut flora healthy. Remember that food is fuel and you want everything in your body to work properly. The more whole, natural foods you eat- the better you’ll feel.

Your mood can influence your food choices as well.  Think of the last time you binged on your favorite food, or ate an entire bag of chips, were you in a negative state of mind? Research shows that your emotional state can influence your food choices, as well as how much you consume. Next time you’re upset do things that will take your mind off eating: like taking a walk, a bath, making a cup of tea, read a book or turn to your favorite hobby.

Healthy eating can definitely be a challenge, and when our good intentions fall we tend to get stressed out which then affects our mood. Good nutrition is so important for your body, but also for your mind as well. Keep your energy levels up and your mind sharp with these tips below:

  1. Don’t skip breakfast
  2. Eat good sources of protein at every meal/snack
  3. Smaller plates = smaller portions
  4. Avoid high sugar or refined carbohydrates
  5. Add in fermented foods for healthy gut flora
  6. Slow down when you eat
  7. Drink water and make sure you avoid sugary beverages
  8. Meditate in the morning (or think about what a kick-ass day you’re going to have)
  9. Move your body, whether it’s a walk, a run or an intense gym workout: just get out there!

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Written by: Brianna Crosby, BS Nutrition and Dietetics




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