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How to track progress without using a scale

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How to track progress without using a scale

How to track progress without using a scale:  

The scale is not always the most telling part of our progress and can be the reason why we give up and throw in the towel for our fat loss journey, but there is so much more than the scale that we should be looking at to track progress. The scale is only your relationship with gravity! It cannot tell you what you are composed of like fat mass, water, sodium, etc. So here are some other factors to look at to keep motivated and aware that you are for sure making progress!! 

  1. Take progress photos! Even though you may feel uncomfortable at first trust me it will be worth it take a picture when you first get started in the same clothing of your front, side and back whether it be once a week or twice a week, trust me you will eventually see the changes maybe not right away but it will come!! The picture will be way more telling than the scale it will give you that necessary degree of separation and don’t suck in or push out your stomach just be natural. 
  2. Instead of solely relying on reducing numbers try INCREASING them with the weights. Test your strength. Set incremental goals to up the weights each week…If you are getting stronger you are making progress!!
  3. Use the FIT3D scan so you can see your image changing and inches moving!! The FIT3D scan was made for the pure reason of frustration of people being so fixated on the solely the scale!! The FIT3D will show your body composition changes, inches, lean mass vs. fat mass, etc. 
  4. Try on your old clothing! When you feel like you’ve reached a plateau try on old clothing to try and help you regain perspective! By redefining progress and opening your mind beyond the scale numbers you will set yourself up for more success than failure. If your clothes are feeling better and you feel better in your body than stop worrying so much about the number on the scale! 

Once again the scale is only one number and only one part of your fat loss journey there is so much more than that number!! STOP LETTING IT DEFINE YOUR PROGRESS AND YOUR HAPPINESS. Realistically no one is going to say “Wow that girl looks 140lb,” they are going to say “Wow that girl looks good.” Do it to feel good about yourself and kick those non-scale victories butt!!

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