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How to count macros without being obsessive

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How to count macros without being obsessive


How to count macros without being obsessive:

Sometimes when people start counting macros they become crazy obsessive with it or it helps get away from the clean eating obsession. My goal is to help people improve their relationship with food because that is what macros have done for me. So how can it be done without being so obsessive? Well you just must have the right mindset about it.

  1. Think of your macros as a guideline/range. Don’t think you failed if you go a little under or over your macros! You have a 10-15 range for protein and carbs and a 5-10g range for fats so don’t sweat it, you do not have to be perfect every day!
  2. Don’t only look at food as just Protein, Fats, and Carbs, look at the where you want to get those food sources from and what is worth it to you as well and what makes you feel good. I get this a lot for example; people will avoid fruit because it has a lot of sugar/carbs in it, but I don’t think you should avoid fruit because 1. It is delicious and 2. It is very nutrient dense so in no means will I ever say don’t eat fruit, and if you enjoy fruit I believe you should eat it and make it fit into your plan if it is worth it to you and that goes for anything you like eating! (in moderation)
  3. If you aren’t in contest prep do not stress out about weighing EVERYTHING like spinach for example you are not going to set yourself over because of a little spinach, eyeball if you want and estimate to your best ability.
  4. You need to learn to be FLEXIBLE. Tracking macros is about having a flexible mindset and a flexible diet. You can have a meal out and estimate the macros to your best ability and you can have a meal that doesn’t always fit your macros sometimes…it’s called a lifestyle! Eat according to your goals, but for your mental sanity too.
  5. You can take a day off if you need it, you will not gain all the weight back. That doesn’t mean eat everything in sight but take a step back and eat mindfully if you feel yourself feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Mental health is just as important as physical health and that is one of the main points of flexible nutrition and a lot of people forget that.

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