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Calculating alcohol before, during & after the holidays

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Calculating alcohol before, during & after the holidays

Calculating alcohol before, during & after the holidays

Since the holiday season is here we have events and parties to go to and may want to have a drink.  Let’s make sure you are calculating the drink correctly if it is not part of your treat meal! First mistake I hear a lot from clients are “It only has 4 carbs” no unfortunately that is not all true. Alcohol is the 4th macronutrient that is not listed on the nutrition label because it is considered a poison to your body and is not essential. It has 7 calories per gram whereas carbs and protein has 4 calories and fats has 9 calories.



So when you go to track a 12oz. glass of beer it will say it has 3g carbs, 0g fat, 0.9g protein. But when you try to add up the macronutrients to calories it does not make sense because the calculations would come up to be 15.6 calories compared to 96 calories. The problem is the missing macronutrient pure ethanol.  So how we track alcohol is taking the amount of calories and dividing it by 7 and counting it as a carb. So take the 96 calories from the beer and divide by 7 and count it as 13.7g carbs. And for the vodka take 64 divide by 7 and count it as 9.14g carbs. I know it is confusing because you see the drink and think it is low carb but do not let it trick you!! It does not have the 4th macronutrient accounted for so make sure you track it correctly and make sure you are accounted for the carbs from the alcohol!  To make it easier in the future create a new food and put your drink of choice in there this way you can put the right amount of carbs for the beverage and be held accountable for it!  Don’t let this holiday season set you back; be prepared, be good when you can, track beforehand, think about how you will feel after the holidays are over, and enjoy yourself in the process

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Written By:  Rebecca Desousa BS Nutritional Sciences

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