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Breakfast and Metabolism- An Interesting Correlation

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Breakfast and Metabolism- An Interesting Correlation

                Breakfast and Metabolism- An Interesting Correlation


You hit the snooze button a few too many times this morning, you got up late for your workout and you're running out the door for work realizing you haven't ate anything. Well... Lunch is only a few hours away, right? 


So how important is that first meal of the day? It turns out very. Breakfast literally means breaking your fast from your night’s sleep. Therefore your body is looking for that fuel right in the morning. Fueling your body within the hour you wake up will set you up for a much healthier day. Eating breakfast can increase your metabolism by 10%. It can also maintain your metabolism. What it won't do is slow your metabolism. Your metabolism is the chemical process that keeps you alive and functioning, it breaks down the food you eat for building and repairing your body (something you want to keep going strong). 


Make eating breakfast a daily habit.  You won’t regret it! The one thing I hear all the time is, “I’m just not hungry in the morning.” Well, the craziest thing about your body is that you can train it to be hungry in the morning!! Something as small as a banana will get your metabolism running. Start with something small like a banana, a yogurt, one egg, then gradually increase your portions. Before you know it you’ll look forward to that breakfast to start your day. Choosing to eat breakfast will help you make healthier choices through the day and eat smaller portions. You'll feel more concentrated and energized. Choose things like egg whites with a piece of fruit, throw in one whole egg and you'll get a mix of protein, carbs and a little healthy fat. 


When you go on diets where there is no eating for long periods of time (like skipping breakfast) you lose lean muscle mass, which also slows metabolism. This is why most diets that restrict too many calories or certain food groups usually fail. Stick to eating 3 meals and 2 snacks for a healthy balance of sugar levels, hunger strikes, and metabolic processing.


So whether you’re just about to start eating breakfast or you eat it every day, remember to keep it high in protein and low in fat to keep you full through the day without destroying your waistline.

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Written by: Brianna Crosby, BS Nutrition and Dietetics

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