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9 ways you are making fat loss harder than it has to be

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9 ways you are making fat loss harder than it has to be

9 ways you are making fat loss harder than it has to be…

  1. You are making excuses about why it won’t work, which will most likely always set yourself up for failure. Some of the biggest excuses we hear:
    1. “My metabolism doesn’t work”
    2. “I eat pretty healthy it is just my weekends”
    3. “I am too busy”
    4. “I eat out a lot”
    5. “I don’t want to feel hungry”
  2. You are comparing yourself to others. Comparing yourself to others is never going to help YOU get to YOUR goals. We are all built different and all have our own flaws about ourselves so worry about yourself and your own journey!
  3. You aren’t making the time for things that will benefit you like meal prep, weighing & measuring foods, working out, etc.
  4. It is hard to break poor habits BUT not impossible to break the cycle by using sheer willpower. It is a matter of how bad you want to make changes. You can keep saying “I am going to start tomorrow” but until you really do it and stick to it consistently will you truly break the cycle!
  5. You aren’t being consistent. Will you have good and bad days? Of course. No one is perfect but trying to be as consistent as possible, so we can see that trend of fat loss is the goal. If you have a bad day move forward and get right back on track!
  6. You are picking/snacking and not tracking or weighing everything, which can set you in a caloric surplus more than you know. Hold yourself accountable that is the only way of knowing how consistent you are truly being.
  7. You think all or nothing. That is not a good way of thinking when trying to have a healthier lifestyle. To have a sustainable way of eating you want to have a way of thinking somewhere in the middle not all in or out.
  8. You are stuck on what worked or didn’t work in the past instead of giving what you are currently doing 100% focus. Trust the process, it will work if you put the work in.
  9. You must learn to enjoy the process, every part of it there will be ups and downs but don’t give up! Focus on the benefits and how you feel besides the scale! Some people feel a newfound appreciation and capacity for activities they didn’t before because they have so much more energy or others blood work came back phenomenal. Take in the good and the bad and keep moving forward.

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