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9 Ways to stay on track for the holidays

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9 Ways to stay on track for the holidays

9 Ways to stay on track for the holidays:

There is always going to be something coming up so stop using excuses that you will start after the holidays, you can make it through the holidays I promise!

  1. Be prepared and do not go to anything too hungry because that may cause you to overeat!
  2. Indulge wisely! Pick and choose what foods are worth it to you. Remember flexible nutrition is supposed to make it sustainable for you so you can enjoy foods that you like but be wise about it. If you know you want a piece of pie for dessert, then portion control some of the sides you choose to have with dinner. Simple as that.
  3. Get a workout in before! Getting your endurance up before a meal will help you feel better and ready to go for the day!
  4. Be aware of liquid calories. Liquid calories are sneaky so choose wisely on what you are drinking! Best macro-friendly options are vodka club or diet soda,1 glass of wine, etc. The trick of it is to not over do it and make sure you are tracking it correctly! Take the number of calories and divide it by 7 and count it towards your carbs for the day!
  5. Stay away from the snack table! Don’t stay put and sit at the snack table…walk around and distract yourself so you don’t just mindlessly eat.
  6. Don’t be afraid to say no if you do not want something remember this is your life and your goals no one else’s and you do not have to please anyone 
  7. Bring food that you know you like that you can also share with others! Some good options are shrimp cocktail, meat & cheese platter, veggie platter, cauliflower rice or veggies for side dishes, or anything you prefer to bring!!
  8. Don’t stress. Holidays are the time of year to be spent with your love ones so the last thing you need to be doing is to stress too much over the little things.
  9. Get back on track right away! If you fell off or didn’t track for the holiday don’t let it keep continuing, get right back on track and you will be fine!

Have a great holiday season !

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