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8 Food Myths You Need to Stop Believing

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8 Food Myths You Need to Stop Believing

8 Food Myths You Need to Stop Believing


  1. Gluten is bad for you

Unless you have celiac disease or a gluten intolerance/sensitivity, it is not better or worse for you.


  1. Dairy makes you bloated

Maybe if you’re allergic, but this is why it is important to listen to your body. Low-fat and nonfat dairy products can be a great source of protein, and there is no reason to cut them out of your diet unless they negatively affect you.


  1. Natural sugar is different than added sugar

Sugar is sugar. Sugar in an apple is the same as the sugar you spoon into your coffee. The only difference may be in how our bodies break it down in combination with other nutrients like fiber and protein by slowing digestion and preventing blood sugar spikes.


  1. Artificial sweeteners are bad for you

In the small quantities that we may consume them, there is no scientific evidence of negative effects on humans.


  1. Juice cleanses detox your body

We don’t need to cleanse our body with juice cleanses, our livers do a perfectly fine job of that already.


  1. Salads are always the healthiest choice on the menu

People often associate salads with “being on a diet” or “eating healthy”. Calories in lettuce are so low that you can eat so much of it and fill you up. But once you start adding full fat dressing, bacon, croutons, nuts, cheese, or dried fruit, you’re probably better off getting a burger at that point.


  1. Carbs make you fat

Carbs do not make you fat, nor does a single food make you fat. What does make you fat is a calorie surplus. Carbs are our body’s number one source of energy. Carbs are not the enemy.


  1. Calories are stored as fat after 6pm

Our bodies may be smarter than we think, but they are not that smart. Once 6pm strikes, our bodies don’t say, “It’s 6pm, time to start storing carbs as fat!” A cup of rice is going to have 45 grams of carbs whether you consume it at 11am or 7pm.

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