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6 Ways to survive eating out

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6 Ways to survive eating out

How to survive eating out:

Flexible dieting is about creating a lifestyle that is sustainable so that you can still go out and socialize AND succeed at the same time! Most restaurants are trackable in MyfitnessPal or LoseIt which is convenient but some of the independent restaurants can be a little tricky. Here is how to be successful!

  1. If you know you are eating out track that meal FIRST then work your day around that this way you know that meal will fit in for the day and you can look forward to it!
  2. Always overestimate your meals! People I think tend to under estimate because they don’t want to be realistic with how much they are eating but you would rather over estimate to hold yourself accountable than be under. If you are measuring and weighing your foods at home estimating at restaurants will get easier for you to do as you become more experienced.
  3. If it is an unexpected outing the best things to get are:
    1. Breakfast:
      1. egg white omelet, turkey bacon, toast non-buttered
    2. Lunch & Dinner:
      1. Appetizers: Raw tuna, shrimp cocktail, salad
      2. Salad with grilled chicken dressing on the side,
  • Chicken, fish, steak, pork loin with a side of veggies & rice (ask them to cook it with no butter/oil)
  1. Fajitas

(this also depends on how many macros you have left)  

  1. GO SIMPLE. Don’t get anything complicated if you don’t want to track anything complicated. But if you do want to a salad that has more items in it that’s fine you are just going to have to estimate how much of each is in the salad.
  2. If you know you are drinking make sure you are accounting for that and like I do with the meal I also count that ahead of time as well to make sure it fits if it is something I would like to fit in for my day. Remember we count alcohol as carbs so you take the amount of calories of the drink and divide it by 7 and whatever you get it the amount of carbs you use towards your carb count.
  3. Eating out in moderation is probably your best bet because you do not know exactly how everything is being made and the amount of sodium in the foods but if you’re diligent about tracking what you eat there’s no reason eating out will hinder your overall progress.


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