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6 Sneaky Ways To Get Your Protein Up

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6 Sneaky Ways To Get Your Protein Up

6 Sneaky Ways To Get Your Protein Up

Are you finding it hard to hit your protein goal? Well here are some tips to help you up your protein throughout the day without feeling like you are eating that much extra.

  1. Putting protein powder in your yogurt/cottage cheese! By putting a ½ scoop or 1 scoop into your yogurt or cottage cheese you can increase your protein by 10-23 grams.
    1. Example: ½ cup non-fat greek yogurt {5C 0F 11P} + ½ scoop quest protein powder {2.5C 0.8F 10P} = 7C 0.8F 21P
  2. Putting protein powder or egg whites into your oatmeal! So to add a little flavor or protein add some protein powder to your oatmeal J or instead of using water in your oatmeal use egg whites!
    1. Example: ½ cup cooked plain oatmeal {27C 2.5F 5P} + 1/2 scoop protein powder {2.5C 0.8F 10p} = 5C 3.3F 15P. ½ cup cooked plain oatmeal + 3 egg whites {0C 0F 15P) = 27C 2.5F 20P
  3. Making protein pancakes with egg whites & protein powder! Simple as mixing egg whites and protein powder!
    1. Example: 1 scoop protein powder {5C 1.6F 20P} + 6 Tbsp egg whites {0C 0F 10P} = 5C 1.6F 30P
  4. Adding extra ounces throughout the day! Add a little extra throughout the day to breakfast, lunch & dinner.
    1. Example: Breakfast-add an extra egg white or two, Lunch- add an extra ounce chicken or whatever protein source you are eating and same goes for dinner.
  5. Have high-protein snacks available! Get snacks that are high in protein and have them available!
    1. Example: Hard boiled egg white- 0.2C 0.1F 3.6P, 1 oz. turkey jerky-3C 0F 12P, Quest chips-4C 2.5F 23P, 1 quest bar-23C 8F 20P, String cheese-1C 6F 7P, Mighty muffin 24C 6-9F 20P
  6. Add multi-purpose protein powder to everything! You can bake with multi-purpose protein powder like you would with flour or you can sprinkle it into your everyday foods. It doesn’t add any flavor but it adds protein

The best way to make sure you are hitting your protein is by planning ahead of time! Tracking your day ahead of time will help you reach your goals for all 3 macronutrients so get tracking and stay the course.

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Written By:  Rebecca Desousa BS Nutritional Sciences

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