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6 Smart ways to stop stress eating

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6 Smart ways to stop stress eating

6 Smart ways to stop stress eating:

Life can get very demanding and it can be very difficult to deal with urges to stress eat! Whether it is dealing with family drama, trauma, new job, etc. it is times like this that can ruin hard-earned progress. While that pint of ice cream may help you feel good in the moment, it isn’t likely to have a stress reliving effect. Here are some ways you can try next time stress-induced eating becomes a struggle.

  1. Call a friend

-This gives you a way to vent about what is going on in your life and gives you a distraction from stress eating. Sometimes just getting our thoughts and feelings out helps and then we no longer have the urges anymore.

  1. Write it out

-Don’t hold your thoughts in! They are better out than in so write them out in a journal. Journaling can be therapeutic so write down what you are grateful for each day and jot down what may be stressing you out to just get it off your chest. This will again distract you from wanting to stress eat.

  1. Go for a walk

-Getting outside and focusing on the present moment and being aware of your body movements while walking, shows that this type of walking can reduce stress and increase quality of life in some people. Go out and get fresh air! It will help you relax while getting some steps in and hopefully keep your mind off other things for a little bit!

  1. Do a workout

- Whether you do a full or light workout do something to get that blood flowing! Exercise is well-known to relieve stress, but that does not mean you have to go all out to get a mood boost. Just getting up and getting the blood flowing and fresh oxygen can be a key component to managing stress.

  1. Meditate

-Meditation is used to calm both the body and the mind simultaneously. Not only can it provide the calming effect, it can also help build mindfulness skills which can translate to more mindful eating and through mindful eating you can become more aware of how hungry you really are before eating and knowing when to stop eating and aware of your fullness.

  1. Breathe deeply

- Deep breathing is a great way to help calm your mind and reduce stress. There is research that shows that deep breathing can reduce cortisol levels in the body.

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