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6 Myths about women and lifting weights

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6 Myths about women and lifting weights

Myths about women and lifting weights

Myth #1 Women shouldn’t lift like men 

-A woman can train however she wants to match her goals! A woman can lift the same as a man it doesn’t mean she is going look “manly”! 

Myth #2 All women are trying to lose weight 

-Not everyone has the same goals and that is ok! Some women are in the gym to get strong and put muscle on or training for a marathon, powerlifting competition, bodybuilding competition, or they are just there to try to get their endurance up and be healthy! 

Myth #3 Lifting makes women look masculine 

-Lifting builds muscles and burns fat! It makes you stronger, leaner, and healthier. What resistance training does to your physique is up to you and your DNA!  The difference in people’s physiques come from how much they eat, genetics, volume, movements, and intensity of your workout regimen. 

Myth #4 Women shouldn’t take creatine 

-Your body makes creatine naturally but if you are doing an intense resistance training program multiple times a week you may not be getting enough. Studies have found that creatine supplementation can help build muscle and maintain lean muscle mass EVEN in women. (this doesn’t mean you have to take creatine or should it just means just because you are a women doesn’t mean you cannot take creatine) 

Myth #5 Women should just do cardio 

-No way. Even if you are a competitive runner you should throw some lifts into your program to help increase your aerobic performance. Constant running and too much cardio doesn’t build strength but adding some weight lifting will help build more lean muscle by burning more calories and help get you leaner faster! 

Myth #6: You can spot reduce fat 

- You cannot spot reduce so doing 1000 sit ups will not cause you to lose fat in your stomach or doing 20 sets of bicep curls will not make you lose fat in your arms! No amount of targeted exercise will change how that fat disappears. Your body will lose fat in whatever order it takes from first depending on your personal genetic makeup! Your diet will be responsible for about 80-90% of fat loss. 

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