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5 Ways to survive the holidays:

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5 Ways to survive the holidays:

5 Ways to survive the holidays:


-Try to plan as much as you can! You can always ask the host what they will be serving at the party or if you are hosting the party even better you definitely plan ahead then! Remember that Thanksgiving is ONE DAY, Christmas ONE DAY, etc., I understand other events happen beyond those days but plan accordingly. Keep macros lower for meals around so you can enjoy yourself for the other meals.

-Bring macro-friendly foods if it makes you feel better! This way you are being kind by bringing something, but it is also something you can eat! Some suggestions: veggies & dip, shrimp cocktail, protein desserts, steamed veggies, etc.

  1. Pick and choose your spots

-Don’t eat the things you don’t really enjoy and save up for the foods you really do like! If you don’t really enjoy potatoes than save some room for that pumpkin pie you’ve been waiting for all year! It is all about balance and portion control! Keep your portion sizes so you are satisfied not to where you are completely stuffed and cannot move because who wants to feel that uncomfortableness!

  1. Get your workouts in

-Keep moving! Just because it is holiday season does not mean you should stop getting your workouts in! Now is the time you should keep working out and get moving!!

  1. Drink water

-Keep drinking water…more and more water! Never can get enough hydration  

  1. Set realistic expectations

-Be realistic with yourself. Do not go into the holiday dinner saying you are not going to have any desserts when you really do want to have a little piece of pie like I said before pick and choose your spots, IT IS ONE DAY. Get back on track the next day. Do not freak out about perfection, flexible nutrition is about being flexible and having a healthy lifestyle and being able to live.


Enjoy your time with your family and do not drive yourself crazy. Put the phone down for one day and just enjoy spending time with your loved ones. Be grateful, kind and thankful for those around you there is always tomorrow for you to get back fully on track.

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