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5 Ways to not throw away progress on the weekends

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5 Ways to not throw away progress on the weekends

5 Ways to not throw away progress on the weekends:

First off we need to stop looking at the weekend as the “weekend” we need to treat Friday, Saturday, & Sunday as just another day.  You cannot be good Monday-Thursday and then be off track for 3 days and expect optimum results. In order to see optimum results you have to be able to be on track with the macronutrients you are given each and every day besides of course your “treat” meal. Consistency is key with the macronutrients that is why we made these numbers specifically for you and your fat loss journey. Here are some tips to stay on track for the weekend:

    1. If you have something coming up on the weekend and you know you have something then plan ahead as much as you can! If you have an event Saturday and Sunday pick which one you can be good at and the other one use as your cheat meal. Try to eat lighter throughout the day so you have room for some food at the event you are going to but do not go there hungry, eat protein before you go.
  2. Track ahead
    1. Now you have a plan…track it and make sure you are hitting your macronutrient goals. Now eat what you have tracked and then you will have reached your macronutrient goals for that day.
  3. Pick what is worth it to you
    1. Pick and choose what is worth it to you. If you know you want a glass of wine at an event or with your friends then put in that glass of wine and then track your day around that and lower your carbs elsewhere and that goes for anything else you like.
  4. Reach out to your nutritionist/coach
    1. We always have our phones on us and we encourage you to reach out with any questions or concerns you have at appropriate times and if we don’t get to you right away we will give you an answer as soon as possible. We are always working and your success is very important to us. Whatever you need just reach out whether it’s ideas for meals or just some motivation
  5. If you do fall off, do not let it drag on into the next day.
    1. We are human so sometimes we have an off day but we cannot let it drag onto the next day. Get it back together and get back on track sooner than later!

Do not let the weekend give you an excuse to be off track! In order for the program to work 100% you need to put in the work 100%. If you only give it 50% you will get 50% results. Treat the weekend like a typical day even though it may be a different routine than Monday-Friday. Always plan ahead and track ahead as you normally would throughout the week. Stick to the plan as much as possible and if you do find yourself off a little, get it together as soon as possible! If you want something bad enough you will stop making excuses and work hard EVERYDAY for the results you want to see!

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Written By:  Rebecca Desousa BS Nutritional Sciences

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