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5 Ways To Keep Making Progress While Away At School

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5 Ways To Keep Making Progress While Away At School

5 Ways To Keep Making Progress While Away At School

For college students, the start of a new school year is a great time of year to start working towards some new goals. With fall comes routine, and with routine comes consistency and results. It's a perfect opportunity to really push yourself and see where you can take yourself and your body. Here are 5 back to school nutrition and fitness tips to set you up for success!


  1. Stock up on healthy groceries!! It may be tempting to grab something fast or from a vending machine, especially if you’re in a rush or on the go, but stocking up on healthy foods for meals and snacks is essential. Even if you’re on a meal plan, stock up on some healthy stuff. Many colleges let you redeem your meal plan points at the campus convenience store, so if that’s the case, stock up on things like fruits, cereal, peanut butter, nuts, etc. Keep the good stuff in the front of your fridge and cabinets so it’s the first thing you see when you open it up. Plan ahead what you are going to meal prep, make a list, go to the grocery store and stick to that list.
  2. Take advantage of the gym, the campus, and free student activities. Many of the gyms at universities are state of the art and have everything you could ever need, including free or discounted exercise classes! Another tip is to walk everywhere if your campus is safe and allows you to do so. You could also bike! In addition, there are generally many student activities that you and your friends could participate in to get you moving and get that heart rate up, so make sure you are checking your university’s website for future events.
  3. Use your student ID card to your advantage. Many grocery stores, gyms, department stores, and restaurants offer discounts to students if they show their ID. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste! It’s amazing how much you can save if you utilize your ID.
  4. Eat breakfast and don’t skip meals!!! It may be tempting to get those extra few minutes of sleep rather than bother to make yourself a balanced breakfast, but I promise you, your body will thank you. Some healthy, quick breakfast options include hard boiled eggs, bananas, protein shakes, yogurt or cottage cheese, instant oatmeal, cereal, toast with peanut butter or avocado, etc.
  5. Make a plan and stick to it. For example, If you know you are exhausted after your classes, make a promise to yourself that you will go to the gym afterwards. Planning ahead is key to success! You can even plan ahead all of your workouts so that you know exactly what you’re going to do in the gym so you can get in and get out. Did you know that if you write something down you’re more than two times more likely to actually do it? Whether it be writing it down in a notebook, a calendar, a whiteboard, or on your phone, visualize your plan in your head and then record exactly what and when you are going to do.

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    Written by: Emily Ventura BS Public Health

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