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5 Tips To Keep Your Cheat Meal In Check

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5 Tips To Keep Your Cheat Meal In Check

5 Tips To Keep Your Cheat Meal In Check

We’ve all been there. You have a nearly perfect week when it comes to hitting your macros and getting those workouts in. You feel great! However, when it comes time for your weekly cheat meal, you end up overdoing it and feeling like crap. Or maybe it ended up turning into a “cheat day.” And while one bad meal or day of eating will not reverse all of your hard work, it can lead to you feeling overstuffed, or even ill, which nobody wants to feel like especially when you’re on a fitness journey.

Here are 5 rev approved tips to make sure you are not overdoing that cheat meal!


This is key. Think to yourself: what am I craving? Choose a restaurant or type of cuisine based upon that. The cheat meal gives you a structured meal time to fulfill your cravings in a healthy manner. Don’t just eat the cheat meal mindlessly, give it some thought and decide what dish you would like to enjoy untracked for this week. Go to a restaurant you’ve read the menu of and know there’s something you would like to have. Reading reviews on websites like yelp can be helpful too, because there is truly nothing worse than impulsively wasting your cheat meal on something you didn’t even really want.

  1. Have it around dinnertime

If you have your cheat meal for breakfast or lunch, you may be tempted to turn it into a cheat day. By planning to have your cheat meal at dinnertime, you will be less likely to run into that temptation since the day will be ending. Eat light, high-protein foods for your other meals (and track it to stay accountable!) and then go out at night for your cheat meal, come home, go to bed, and get right back on track that next morning!

  1. Don’t starve yourself before

In anticipation for your cheat meal, don’t fast or starve yourself as that can lead to overindulging and that dreaded “starve-binge cycle”. With the exception of the cheat meal, eat lightly for the remainder of the day. We recommend high protein, lower carb & lower fat foods. Some examples are egg whites, protein powder, and lean proteins like chicken and turkey.

  1. Go out in public

Yes, eating delicious foods in your pajamas in the comfort of your own home sounds lovely. However, if you are prone to binge behaviors and overdoing your cheat meals, you’re better off going to a restaurant, sitting down, and enjoying your food in public. Sit-down restaurant portions are also almost always going to be less obscene than take-out portions. Whether you’re going out with family, friends, on a date, or even alone, enjoy the ambiance of a nice restaurant & the company of yourself or the people accompanying you.

  1. Eat Slowly

Don’t get so excited to have your weekly meal that once it comes out you engulf it in one bite! Take the time to enjoy your food, and drink plenty of water in between bites! Even a glass of wine or a beer would be OK to have on the side of your cheat meal. Just don’t overdo the alcohol, because excessive alcohol consumption is not your friend when it comes to fat loss. Also, when you are intoxicated, your inhibitions are lowered and you’re more likely to make impulsive decisions and end up sabotaging your diet. Moderation is key!

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Written by: Emily Ventura BS Public Health

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