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5 Tips To Keep The Fat Off On Vacation

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5 Tips To Keep The Fat Off On Vacation

5 Tips To Keep The Fat Off On Vacation

    The winter months are a particularly common time of year for vacations.  Vacation is a great time to destress and unwind, but it can also be a time filled with unhealthy eating & drinking habits. While it is unrealistic to spend your vacation obsessing over macros, finding a balance between off-track and on-track is what you should be aiming for. Here are some tips in order to optimize your health during vacation time while still kicking back and relaxing!

  1. Don’t ditch the protein just because you are on vacation! Aim to incorporate protein into every meal. If you are going somewhere tropical, take advantage of the abundance of high-protein fish that you will most likely see on every menu. For breakfast, gravitate towards the egg whites or whole eggs, yogurt, fresh fruit, etc. You can even pack protein in your checked bag, (if it’s in a plastic bag, make sure to label it) or any other healthy snacks like quest bars & quest chips.
  2. Incorporate some activity into the vacation! Whether its paddle boarding in the tropics or skiing in the mountains, find an activity that you and your family can participate in together while burning calories and fat! Also consider visiting your hotel gym. Working out first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day on a positive note!
  3. HYDRATE! If you are drinking alcohol, for every alcoholic drink, have one glass of water. If you are not drinking alcohol at all, stick to good old H20 when it comes to your beverages. It will help keep you feeling full as well!
  4. Order smart! If you want to indulge in a dessert, keep the main meal clean. Similarly, If you want to have a particularly indulgent main meal, stick to fresh fruit or dessert, or even better, no dessert. Make sure your ratio of macro-friendly foods to “bad foods” is on point, for example for every 3 days of healthy, high protein meals, throw in one splurge in there. It will make the food much more enjoyable! You should not be eating crap for every meal on vacation. When you eat crap you feel like crap! Also, when ordering at a restaurant, try to stick to lean proteins, steamed veggies, plain grains like rice, and always ask the server to tell the chef not to cook your food in any oil or butter.
  5. If you are in a place where you are able to go to a grocery store, do that! Pick up some staples that you were unable to pack (fruit, veggies, hard boiled eggs, etc) so that you can reach for a healthy snack. Most hotels have mini fridges so take advantage of that! Even if you don’t see a mini fridge in your hotel room, chances are they may have some extras so it doesn’t hurt to call down and ask!

 If you want to stay on track with myfitnesspal, go ahead, but don’t obsess over it. Vacations only come around so often and you really don’t want to look back on your vacation and realize you spent the majority of the time counting macros. Do your best to eat as healthy as possible and keep up with some physical activity, but also enjoy yourself. Get right back on track when you get home! Get into the gym the next day and LIFT.

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Written by: Emily Ventura BS Public Health

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