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5 tips that will make flexible nutrition so much easier

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5 tips that will make flexible nutrition so much easier

5 tips that will make flexible nutrition so much easier:

So what is flexible nutrition? It is a way of eating that offers flexibility with the kind of foods you like! It makes it flexible enough that you can fit a piece of pizza in…as long as at the end of the day you reach your macro-nutrient goals! Here are some tips to make flexible nutrition even easier:

  1. Plan your day ahead of time
    1. It’s easy, if you are already prepping ahead of time then track ahead of time and plan your day out as much as possible! Budgeting your macros so that at the end of the day, your check book balances. It is so easy to do! When you are lying in bed at night swipe to tomorrow and enter what you need for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Tomorrow if you need to adjust a little bit here and there you totally can. Now that you set up the plan, follow it and if you do have to make some changes make sure you are still hitting your macro goals.
  2. Stop eating what you want and start eating what you need to
    1. Ask yourself, Do I really need another scoop of ice cream or do I want it? You most likely want it. Your desire for instant gratification is stronger than your desire for long-term results. Flexible dieting does not mean it is ok for mindless eating, everything you put in your mouth has a purpose and each piece of food that you eat is either helping your progress or hurting it.
  3. Log it before you eat it
    1. If you cannot log your whole day in advance at least make sure you are tracking before you eat it. Most people fail when they try to add up too much food after eating them throughout the day. If you track too much afterwards you may find yourself going over in some macros or finding out that you ate all your fats & carbs for the day and only have protein left! Track ahead of time, simply as that!
  4. Use the scanner on the app!
    1. MyFitnessPal and Lose it both have a scanner...use it! It makes it easier to track and so much faster too! We all have busy lives so use the scanner it is there for convenience.
  5. Add some volume to your diet
    1. So at the end of the day flexible dieting is a “diet” so you may have some good days and some bad days, you may feel hungrier one day than the other. Mix in some veggies for your carbs like lettuce, zucchini, cucumber, etc. Easy swaps are zucchini noodles for spaghetti or cauliflower rice for rice. Veggies are your best bet when you are looking to feel “full” because they are rich in fiber and micronutrients.

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      Written By:  Rebecca Desousa BS Nutritional Sciences

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