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5 steps to getting back on track

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5 steps to getting back on track

Five steps to getting back on track


There are times when we aren’t able to adhere perfectly to our nutrition and/or workout plan. When this occurs, it’s important to focus on getting back on track rather than dwelling over past mistakes. Here are our top 5 tips!


  1. Plan Ahead

Whether you’re planning a day or a week in advance, plugging in a hypothetical day of eating where you would hit your macros is very beneficial to staying on track. If something changes, you can just make adjustments based on what you’ve already had so far!

  1. Sweat It Out

Exercise will always make you feel better! Get a good sweat in, whether it’s via lifting, cardio, or both! Plus, if you overdid it the previous day(s), put that food to use and get a killer workout!

  1. Water

The only true “detox” your body needs! Drinking lots of water will help you to feel your best. If you can, shoot for a gallon a day! Plus, lots of liquids can help keep cravings at bay.

  1. Watch the salt

While your macronutrients (and overall calories) are THE determining factor of your body composition, stick mostly to simple, nutritious meals like lean proteins and fresh veggies with minimal salt will help your body to retain less water and feel your best again. Mrs. Dash and Flavor God are two very good low sodium seasoning options!

  1. Don’t restrict yourself

Sometimes, we think we should change or lower our macros (particularly carbs) after a day or two of “too much fun”. This is actually not a good idea, as it may cause cravings & lead to the dreaded “restrict-binge” cycle. Just get on track, hit those macros, drink your water, and focus on the positive.

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Written by: Emily Ventura BS Public Health

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