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5 sneaky high calorie foods and their substitutions

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5 sneaky high calorie foods and their substitutions

5 sneaky high calorie foods and their substitutions

When you are counting macros, especially when you are in a calorie deficit, it’s important to be wise regarding what foods and drinks you choose to incorporate into your daily intake. Macros add up quickly and it’s important that the majority of foods you are eating are satisfying and not empty calories. Yes, you can fit some indulgences in but it’s important to revolve your day around balanced, nutritious foods that keep you feeling full and therefore keep those cravings at bay. With that being said, if you are struggling with cravings and feeling full, you may want to evaluate your sources of macros and potentially alter them. Read below for a list of the top 5 “sneaky” foods that cause your macros to add up quickly, and smart substitutions for them.


  1. Liquid Calories

From lattes to juices, liquids taste delicious but unfortunately do little for our hunger levels while impacting our macros tremendously. Opt for black coffee with low-calorie add-ins like almond milk, skim milk, stevia, etc. You could even add protein powder to your coffee for a little flavor without increasing your carbs and fats. Instead of drinking juice or Gatorade have a piece of fruit! You’ll still get those fast digesting carbs for energy but you’ll also be getting some fiber and the satisfaction of chewing your food. Seltzer is a great substitution for soda!

  1. Condiments

While some condiments like mustard and hot sauce are virtually macro-free, others like BBQ sauce and salad dressings can add up very quickly from a calorie/macro standpoint. Your best bet is to stick to the fat free/light condiments or the zero calorie Walden farms condiments that we sell at rev! The Walden BBQ sauce, maple syrup and salad dressings (as well as many other products) are phenomenal substitutions that will save your macros for foods that will satisfy you!

  1. Nuts, trail mix, and nut butters

A handful of trail mix or nuts seems like a balanced snack, but it can add up very quickly. Nuts are great sources of fats but they are incredibly dense and need to be enjoyed in controlled amounts. If your diet is very nut-centric and you’re finding yourself hungry, try some of these swaps: substituting full-fat nut butters for pb2 brand powdered peanut butter, having a small serving of cereal or a small granola bar instead of trail mix, buying 100 calorie pack nuts, etc.

  1. Pasta

In the correct portion pasta is a fantastic carb source, however one serving of pasta is about 2 oz dry, which is really not very much when it comes to a volume eating standpoint. Your best bet is to substitute regular pasta for spiralized veggies like zucchini noodles, a legume-based pasta like black bean pasta (more protein, less carbs), or a tofu shirataki based noodle like quest pasta or zero noodles!

  1. Cooking Oil

Yes, olive oil and butter makes food taste delicious but its incredibly dense and adds up quickly! Nobody ever felt satisfied from an additional tablespoon of oil, but it adds an incredible amount to your fat macros. Instead of cooking things with oil opt for a cooking spray done in the proper serving size (1/4 second spray), boil or grill your food!

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