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5 Smarter Alcohol Choices for Flexible Nutrition

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5 Smarter Alcohol Choices for Flexible Nutrition

5 Smarter Alcohol Choices for Flexible Nutrition

Summer is almost here and for many people this involves more festivities and celebrations that may very well involve drinking. In terms of tracking alcohol, make sure you are utilizing the methods that your nutritionist has taught you (if you are forgetting, check your welcome email for the “how to track alcohol” document). If you are attempting to stay on track, drinking must obviously occur in moderation. You can have a drink or two and make it fit your macros as long as you are accounting for it and cutting carbs in other ways! Here are the top five best choices when it comes to indulging in alcohol but still staying within your macro ranges.

Disclaimer: keep in mind, especially if you are in a caloric deficit with the intention of losing fat, you will benefit more from eating your food rather than drinking away those precious carb macros. Saving a drink or two to have with your cheat meal is what we recommend.

1.) Plain vodka with club soda and lime is an excellent choice. If this is too “plain” for you, Ocean Spray makes a fantastic diet cranberry juice with minimal carbs per serving. Try adding a splash of that to your drink and enjoy! Remember to use club soda or seltzer, not tonic water, as tonic water has macros (unless you order diet tonic).

2.) Wine or Champagne is another fine choice. You can definitely fit a glass of wine or champagne into your day if you plan accordingly. A good tip is instead of filling your glass with 5 ounces of wine, split it into two 2.5 ounce glasses with a bunch of ice in it. Not only will you conserve macros, it will make you feel like you’re having two drinks when you’re only having one!

3.) Rum and diet coke is the lesser of many evils when it comes to drinks with rum in it. Just be sure to specify that you want diet coke!

4.) Light beer. It seems like each year they come out with another form of light beer with less calories than before. You can make one of these fit, but stay far, far away from the heavy beers.

5.) Silver Tequila. Lower in calories than brown tequila or brown liquors, this can be a good option as long as you are choosing your mixers responsibly. You can make a “skinny margarita” with club soda or seltzer and plenty of fresh lime juice! Stay far, far away from premade margarita mix.


In conclusion, if you intend on drinking, please note that your body processes alcohol as a toxin and when you are in a caloric deficit to begin with, your body is already under a wee bit of stress and it’s much healthier to abstain from alcohol completely if you can. However, we need to be realistic and sustainable. Also, If you are not a drinker but don’t want to feel awkward in a social situation, get some club soda or seltzer with lime! Nobody needs to know that there’s no liquor in there.

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Written by: Emily Ventura BS Public Health

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