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5 Reason why you need carbs

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5 Reason why you need carbs

5 Reason why you need carbs

We constantly hear negative talk surrounding carbs and carb intake. Carbohydrates get a really bad rap in the health/fitness industry, when the truth is they are an essential component of any nutritional program. Here are some reasons why carbs ARE important and why you should include them in your daily intake when attempting to change your body composition.

  1. Energy!!!

Carbs are the body’s favorite and main source of energy, especially when it comes to physical activity. Fueling your body with the appropriate amount of carbs will help you to lift heavier, run faster, etc. Low carb diets are associated with both fatigue and decreased performance, and if you cut out the carbs you will definitely notice your performance and energy levels suffer.

  1. Brain Power

Our brains rely on glucose for energy. Without enough carbs, our brains are not going to be fueled properly and will thus not function optimally. Many people on low carb diets will report that they experience brain fog and forgetfulness. If you want both your body AND your mind to be in tip-top shape, eat your carbs!!!

  1. Fiber & Micronutrients

While changing your body composition relies on either a caloric deficit or a caloric surplus, eating proper amounts of fiber & micronutrients is also extremely important. Many carb sources are also important sources of fiber, vitamins & minerals. Fiber helps keep you “regular” and keeps you feeling satisfied for longer, which is one reason why it is so highly spoken of in the weight loss industry.

  1. Mood Regulation

If you’ve ever met someone on a low-carb diet, you may have noticed they aren’t always in the best of moods. Carb intake has been correlated with raised serotonin levels, and studies have shown that those with an appropriate carb intake have lower levels of anxiety and depression than those who eat little to no carbs.

  1. Sustainability

Swearing off carbs is far too extreme to be a sustainable lifestyle change. Your body can subsist on fats & proteins but only for so long. Your body will eventually enter a state of ketosis which is safe for short periods of times, but it does raises the acidity of your blood and can eventually lead to ketoacidosis, which IS life-threatening.


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Written by: Emily Ventura BS Public Health

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