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5 High Protein Snack Ideas...that arent shakes or bars

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5 High Protein Snack Ideas...that arent shakes or bars

5 High Protein Snack Ideas...that aren’t shakes or bars

Protein shakes and protein bars are incredibly convenient and fairly balanced from a nutritional/macronutrient standpoint, which makes them a staple in the diet of people who count macros. However, sometimes it's nice to mix it up and get your protein through real food. Meals are easy since most people will stick to lean proteins like chicken, fish, etc. But coming up with ideas for snacks can be tough, since most people don’t want to snack on a chicken breast.  With that being said, here are 5 ideas for high protein snacks J

  1. Deli coldcuts

Deli meat is a great way to hike up that protein macro without impacting your carb or fat intake! Deli turkey or ham are lean, convenient and satisfying. If you can, try to stick to a lower sodium variety! A good idea is to take a few ounces of deli meat, spread them with reduced fat or fat free cream cheese (even more protein), sliced veggies like cucumbers or peppers, then roll it up and enjoy!

  1. Plain nonfat greek yogurt

Plain greek yogurt alone has fantastic macros with minimal carbs (usually no more than 10g per one small 150g container), no fats and loads of protein! It is also a great blank canvas that you can add different add ins based on how many macros you have left. Some good add ins are berries, sweetener like stevia, cereal or granola, nuts or nut butters, etc!

  1. Cheese/Cheese Sticks

Whether you are snacking on fat free cheese, part skim cheese, or full fat cheese, your protein macro will be positively impacted! A good tip is to keep different types of cheese on hand and select one depending on how many fat macros you have left. If you can spare the fats go for the full fat stuff but if you’re running low stick with the fat free! If you have the carbs to spare you could also make a quesadilla with a low-carb tortilla.

  1. Jerky

Beef jerky or turkey jerky are great sources of protein, and the chewiness adds to the satisfaction factor because it takes a long time to eat! Jerky is delicious on its own but also tastes delicious with some crunchy veggies on the side. Or, you could even treat the jerky like you would a veggie stick and dip it in hummus or greek yogurt dip- its an unusually delicious combination!

  1. Egg Whites and Eggs

Hard boiling a bunch of eggs ahead of time is a great way to make snacking easy and convenient! If you have the fats to spare, go for the full egg, but if you’re looking for just a pure source of protein, stick with the hard boiled whites! Egg whites are a pretty blank canvas and taste delicious with a bunch of different herbs or spices on them. You could also make a healthy version of a deviled egg with greek yogurt and mustard instead of mayo.

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Written by: Emily Ventura BS Public Health

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