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5 fitness mistakes to avoid

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5 fitness mistakes to avoid

5 fitness mistakes to avoid: 

  1. Don’t set unrealistic goals
    1. Many people fail because they set their goals way to high and try to take on too much. Be realistic with yourself and be patient with your progress and you will less likely get hurt and be discouraged with yourself. It doesn’t matter how much fat you want to lose or whatever the goal may be that you want to achieve, it’s just not going to happen all at once so don’t set yourself up for failure. Make goals with realistic timeframes. 
  2. Don’t think exercise solves everything 
    1. You must do more than just work outs! You can’t just exercise off your weight…you need to have the right nutrition as well!! You cannot outwork a bad diet. 
  3. Set up small goals and rewards 
    1. Buy a new pair of jeans or a new piece of clothing that fits you better or treat yourself to a weekend away or some new workout clothes! These small goals will help keep you motivated and keep you going on your journey. HINT: don’t make the rewards food related!!
  4. Don’t fall for fad diets 
    1. The quick fix fad diets are the quickest route to FAILURE! The diet industry brings in billions of dollars a year and that is simply because DIETS DON’T WORK so they keep making new fads, so they can keep making money. Sure, you can lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks by drinking shakes for meals and not eating real food, but nobody can keep that up forever, it is not sustainable. Not only are fad-diets unsustainable and expensive but thy are unhealthy because most of them do not have REAL FOOD. Skip the fads and focus on eating real food and the right amounts for your bodies’ needs. 
  5. Don’t forget the BASICS!
    1. Drink enough water and get plenty of sleep! Try to drink at least 64 fl. Oz of water or more and 8 hours of sleep! Do these things consistently, every single day. When we make big goals and commitments we forget the “boring” things but they are VERY important things when it comes to health. 

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