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5 Easy Ways To Eat More Protein

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5 Easy Ways To Eat More Protein

5 Easy Ways to Get your Protein Up

Protein is by far the hardest macronutrient to hit. You really need to plan to reach your protein macronutrient, as the revolutionize challenge features a higher than normal protein intake in order to help facilitate fat loss and lean muscle retention/gain. With that being said, here are 5 easy tips and tricks to hit your protein!


  1. Plan ahead

Plug in your food ahead of time, whether it be the night before or the morning of! If you have a hypothetical plan out it is much easier to reach your goals. Even if the plan changes, you can modify it quickly, much quicker than you would be able to if you have nothing plugged in for the entire day.

  1. Add small amounts throughout the day

It may be just as simple as adding small amounts of protein throughout the day, an extra ounce or two to lunch, maybe an extra egg white for breakfast, a protein rich snack midday, etc! Plug in a normal day and add protein in as you see fit based on where you fall short.

  1. Extra protein shake/scoop

Adding an extra scoop to your protein shake, or just an extra shake at some point in the day is an extra way to get about 20 extra grams of protein in.

  1. Meal Prep Delivery Service

Many meal prep delivery companies such as eat clean bro feature lots of high-protein foods. If you’re able to have one or two of these meals throughout the day (for example the eat clean bro basics has 60+ grams of protein!) you’ll be well on your way to hitting the protein

  1. Supplemental protein sources to add to main meals

Yogurt with breakfast, protein powder in your oats, hard boiled egg whites or deli turkey as a snack, cheese added to your sandwich, quest chips sprinkled on top of your salad or added to your turkey meatballs for crunch and protein…..the list goes on. There are so many ways to add protein to your day, it doesn’t need to just be another piece of meat. Experiment and try new things.

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