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5 All Natural Probiotic Food Sources

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5 All Natural Probiotic Food Sources

5 All Natural Probiotic Food Sources 

A lot of you have asked me what the deal is with probiotics, why are they now such a craze? Probiotics are the “good” bacteria that live in your gut and aid in digestion. These are seriously important for good health. However, with all the poor digestion, bloating, inconsistent bowel movement, and everything else people seem to be steadily having in the past couple years, there has been a lot of research on probiotics. They do come in pill form, however, if I can get it from an all-natural food source, chances are that’s what I’m going to do. Below are 5 natural sources of probiotics. Since probiotic supplements lack strong scientific evidence regarding their effectiveness; I recommend trying these sources out first.


  1. Yogurt

Yogurt is a commonly known source of probiotics. Look for yogurt with “live and active cultures,” those will be the best sources when looking for a yogurt solely for probiotic purposes. However, any yogurt will aid in better digestion and health. Just remember nonfat plain yogurt will be the best choice for your waistline J

  1. Kefir

A fermented milk drink made from kefir grains. It’s kind of like having yogurt in a drink form, which some people might love. Others, not so much. Kefir has its own strains of probiotic bacteria and yeast: it’s definitely worth a try!

  1. Kombucha

This fizzy beverage is a great source of probiotics. They have tons of different flavors and brands on the shelves now. I’ve come to find that ‘Synergy Guava Goddess’ is one of my favorites! Tastes like fizzy grapefruit juice. There’s a ton of flavor to experiment here and I recommend that you do!

  1. Sauerkraut

Studies have recently shown just how awesome sauerkraut is for your health. Some of the benefits include calcium, potassium and magnesium rich, good source of dietary fiber, antioxidants and iron. Most importantly, it’s an amazing source of probiotics.  In each bite of sauerkraut you consume trillions of beneficial microbes that kill off pathogens and restore the “good bacteria”, two big factors in good digestive health.

  1. Pickles

Choose naturally fermented kinds and where vinegar isn’t used. The naturally fermented kinds with water grow “good bacteria” and can give your pickles digestive benefits. 


*Don’t forget about prebiotics too! Which help aid the healthy bacteria already in your gut. You can find prebiotics in foods such as asparagus, bananas, onions and garlic.

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Written by: Brianna Crosby, BS Nutrition and Dietetics

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