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4 Ways to deal with negative people

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4 Ways to deal with negative people

Don’t let negative people mess with your fitness journey! 

Haters are always going hate, but you don’t need to let their negative energy fuel your drive to succeed…Rise above the negativity! Instead of letting the haters fuel your drive in life consider looking at the haters in a different light. 

  1. When someone hates on you and your success it sears you right down to your core and its not good for you emotionally or physically. Absorbing someone else’s bad attitude is self-destructive and masochistic…it can make you hateful going forward in your own life so walk away from it when you can you don’t need it. 
  2. Avoid fueling your drive with negativity…spite and pride might motivate you for a while but can be short-lived. Let it extend too long and you may let what someone said or did in your past hurt you in the present. Fueling yourself with angst, pain and resentment is only is going to exhaust you and hurt you in the long run. 
  3. To the break the cycle, learn to ignore the comments thrown at you. Most the garbage people are saying towards you is most likely false and inaccurate anyways so no need to become defensive over something false…you’ve come a long way to achieve what you have so far, be proud of your accomplishments!  Remember you cannot control what people say, but you can control your attitude toward their comments. 
  4. One of the toughest things in life to learn is how to let things go that bother us…what we don’t realize is the unsolicited opinions and bad vibes sent our way don’t reflect anything about us they reflect the issues of the people spewing them. It doesn’t necessarily mean cutting the negative person out of your life, but it can mean putting up an emotional barrier to prevent negativity from being allowed into your mind and messing with your progress…physically and mentally. Start forgiving people who have wronged you. It doesn’t mean it is okay what they said or did, but it allows you to be able to move forward a little more. 

You are always going to have “haters” whether it is at the work place, social circle, etc. Never allow someone else’s opinion or judgment or negativity damage your mindset or make you question the path you choose to be on. IT IS YOUR CHOICE NOT THEIRS. The only thing that matters is how you feel about your own life, behaviors and accomplishments.

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Written By:  Rebecca Desousa BS Nutritional Sciences

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