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4 common fat loss mistakes

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4 common fat loss mistakes

4 common fat loss mistakes

1.Starting a fat loss diet on low calories

-It is difficult to create a caloric deficit for a client if they are already not eating enough to support their metabolism. Trust me I get it most people think they must eat very little to lose but that is not usually the case, you need to eat enough to support your metabolism and for your body to burn fat. So when you come in be honest with what you are currently doing and how consistent you are this way we know what we are working with.

  1. Just eating clean/natural/organic foods

-You can’t just eat clean foods and expect to lose fat. You must pay attention to the calories or macros that you are putting in your body because those calories that you are putting in your body add up! Putting the time into measuring/weighing and looking at food labels and logging the food intake tells us what our daily intake looks like and if we need to adjust down the road to continue making progress.

  1. Doing too much cardio

-Cardio is a tool to use in the process of losing fat but using too much too fast not only leaves little room to adjust but can also work against losing fat by stripping away hard-earned muscle too!

  1. Trying to lose too much too fast

-Fat loss takes diligence and patience! Too many people try to rush the process and end up failing or succeeding at first and then putting weight back on…the goal is to slowly take off the fat and to keep it off! Everyone is different, and the rate of fat loss may range depending on how much you have to lose but it typically ranges from .5-3 pounds per week. If too much weight is lost per week it is more than likely going to be fat but also muscle or water. The more muscle we keep while cutting the better our metabolism will be and the more fat loss we will most likely have throughout the process.

Patience is key, it didn’t come on overnight and it is not going to come off overnight!




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