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4 Benefits of cheat meals

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4 Benefits of cheat meals

Cheat meals can reset hormones responsible for metabolism and insulin regulation and replenish glycogen for increased energy. With that considering cheat meals aren’t meant to be a free for all so be smart about them with these tips:

  1. Understand the science. When trying to lose fat no matter what diet you are on you will be in a caloric deficit and changes will happen within your body due to these calorie restrictions. Our appetite is controlled by two hormones; ghrelin and leptin. Leptin is known as the appetite-suppressing hormone and ghrelin is the hunger stimulating one. Studies have show that when you stick to a calorie restricted diet, we may be causing our leptin levels to fall, and our ghrelin levels to rise but by temporarily increasing the caloric intake through a cheat meal our bodies can regulate these hormones in our bodies. 
  2. Compose smart cheat meals. Even though you can have a break away from your typical foods that you may be eating don’t use a cheat meal to overindulge or binge because that may lead to worse habits down the road. Try to keep the cheat meal still balanced with including all 3 macronutrients, for example; pasta with a protein source, cheeseburger, pizza, etc. Having a well-timed cheat meal may help you overcome your cravings so having a treat every now and then can stop you from wanting to overindulge. 
  3. Schedule your cheat meals! Just because it is a cheat meal it doesn’t mean you should eat less than your normally would at other meals. Skipping meals before or after can cause you to become overly hungry and overindulge in your cheat so therefore backfire on you. Pick a meal that will allow you to indulge without going too overboard. 
  4. Be able to move past a slip up. If you turned your cheat meal into a cheat day…or a cheat week don’t give up and give up altogether! It happens, and it is not the end of the world! Having an all-or-nothing way of thinking will set you up for failure. Instead of continuing binge eating, stop and accept and forgive yourself that you made a mistake, learn from it and MOVE ON. Ask yourself what you could do differently, so it won’t happen again and get back to it. 

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