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3 myths about macronutrients

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3 myths about macronutrients

3 myths about macronutrients:

  1. Carbs are bad for you

-Insulin is required to store glucose or use it for energy. It was one of the very first hormones to be discovered. Early studies showed that carbs caused insulin insensitivity and this can be true for diabetics and in insulin-resistant people over-eating carbs, but not likely for people who are genuinely eating a well-balanced healthy diet. You will feel a difference if you choose to get your carbs from gummy bears versus vegetables or fruit. If eating less processed carbs helps you eat less then yes it can help you in fat loss but if cutting carbs makes you miserable and always hungry I would consider a more balance in your carb intake this way binges are least likely to happen. If you want to lose fat, what matters is not to replace fat by carbs or vice versa, but at the end of the day eating in a caloric deficit and hitting your macronutrients. CARBS ARE NOT THE ENEMY IF YOU EAT THE RIGHT AMOUNTS FOR YOUR GOALS J

  1. Fats are bad for you

–Eating fats isn’t what makes you fat. Shunning all fats from your body is not necessary because your body needs fats especially omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Studies have been done about fats but none full out have proof that it causes cardiovascular disease and to cause you to get fat besides trans-fat which you should try to avoid. Eat the right amounts of fats for your goals and you will be fine. Again, if you are in a caloric deficit you will lose fat with a balance of macronutrients but if you are in a caloric surplus with a low-fat diet you will most likely not lose.

  1. Protein is bad for you

–Protein is usually accused of causing bone and kidney damage. Studies have been done about protein effecting bone mass and what they concluded was actually a protective effect or no effect on bones. Studies that have been done on protein thus far have not shown high protein diets to have harmful effects. Protein isn’t harmful to your kidneys UNLESS you suffer a pre-existing condition.

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