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20 macro-friendly snack ideas when traveling

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20 macro-friendly snack ideas when traveling

20 snack ideas when traveling

Traveling can make tracking your food a little bit more difficult, but that does not mean it’s impossible! Odds are you’re not going to be preparing all of your meals like normally, but planning ahead and bringing some macro-friendly snacks can take some stress away and allow you to spend more of your time enjoying your trip and less of your time worrying about food. Just make sure to be mindful about the foods you are choosing, and if you’re staying in a hotel, try to request a refrigerator/microwave for the room. Whether it be a vacation, business trip, road trip etc., here are 20 macro-friendly snack ideas when traveling.

  1. Protein powder – can be added to a shake/smoothie/greek yogurt/cottage cheese/oatmeal etc.
  2. Protein bars
  3. Instant oatmeal packets
  4. Beef jerky
  5. Rice cakes/flavored rice cakes
  6. PB2 (powdered peanut butter with minimal fat)
  7. 100 calorie pack of nuts
  8. Zero calorie drinks – WATER, club soda, diet soda, etc. Fruits – berries will be lowest in carbs and highest in fiber
  9. Vegetables 
  10. Mighty Muffins
  11. Quest protein chips
  12. Popcorn – single serving bag/100 calorie pack “smart pop”/skinny pop/Icon meals protein popcorn
  13. P28 bagels/bread/flatbread (high protein breads)
  14. Nonfat greek yogurt
  15. Nonfat cottage cheese
  16. Low-sodium, no salt added, or uncured lean deli meats (turkey, chicken, ham)
  17. Low-fat cheese sticks
  18. Rotisserie chicken breast if you peel the skin
  19. Tuna in water pouch
  20. Hardboiled eggs

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