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10 ways to deal with nighttime snacking

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10 ways to deal with nighttime snacking

10 ways to deal with nighttime snacking: 

  1. REMOVE TEMPTATION: out of sight out of mind. You are less likely to not eat something if it unavailable to you, like if you don’t have ice cream in the house it is less likely you will go out and get ice cream. If you have a healthy relationship with food keeping a healthy distance from your trigger snacks can beat unhealthy overeating nighttime snacking. 
  2. EAT A BALANCED DINNER: Eating more of a balance in nutrition and eating meals with the adequate amounts of macros throughout the day helps manage the nighttime munchies. A balanced meal leaves you more satisfied and less likely to be physically hungry and have cravings to snack more. 
  3. PORTIONS: If you are going to snack be mindful of how much you need to satisfy your craving and how much you can fit into your daily allowance for the day. Moderation is key. Plate a snack instead of eating out of a box or bag or grab a pre-portioned snack. Be mindful and enjoy your snack instead of mindlessly eating it. 
  4. ADOPT A NEW HABIT: You may not find yourself tempted with food throughout the day because you are busy, but once nighttime comes around and you are able to unwind it is harder to resist the urge to eat.  Try to adopt a new habit to do at night read a book, plan your day for tomorrow, go for a walk, take a bath, watch a new tv series, write in a journal, color, call a read, etc. 
  5. CREATE A SNACK ALTERNATIVE: If you are craving sweets make some alternatives like if you want chocolate make a chocolate protein shake or protein pudding or protein pancakes, or have cottage cheese with fruit, Greek yogurt w/ Splenda and fruit, or if it is salt you want to have something like string cheese, lightly salted rice cake, egg whites, jerky, air popped popcorn, etc. 
  6. BUILD SNACKS INTO YOUR DAY: If you know you always want a snack after dinner put a snack in and work your day around that snack so you can look forward to it! 
  7. HAVE DESSERT: If you tell yourself you cannot have something, and you swear off sweets or chips that itself can make the cravings intensify.  Satisfy the craving by either fitting it into your day or making a macro-friendly version or make sure you have it at your next cheat meal 😊 
  8. STAY HYDRATED: Drink plenty of water and drinks like hot tea, coffee and sparkling water can help with cravings 😊 
  9. STAY MINTY FRESH: Brush your teeth after your meal so you don’t get tempted to keep snacking or chew sugar-free gum or mints. 
  10. GO TO SLEEP: I am not saying go to bed hungry but getting a good night’s sleep helps your mental stamina to eat healthy and balanced. When you are cranky and tired you tend to want to snack more versus when you have a good night’s sleep, so you may not be hungry you might just need to go to bed. But if you are truly hungry eat something don’t be afraid to eat before bed!! 

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