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10 Tips to make tracking macros easier

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10 Tips to make tracking macros easier

10 Tips to make tracking macros easier


As time goes on, tracking your macros will be like second nature to you. It won’t seem like a chore, but rather just a part of your day to day life. Here are some tips on how to optimize your tracking experience from all of us here at rev who have been doing this for years. These tricks exist to make your life easier when it comes to tracking!



  1. Track ahead of time! Whether you are tracking a week, a day, or even just a few hours ahead of time, you will already have a game plan when it’s time to eat. Prior preparation allows you to feel at ease when it comes to making sure foods fit your macros since you’ve already calculated it. Plus, if things change, it’s very simple to edit your diary entries in MyFitnessPal and Lose It.
  2. Create meals, foods, & recipes. If you have a specific meal you eat a lot, it’s smart to use the function that allows you to create a meal so that it’s exact macros are already saved and ready to go for next time. If you are making a recipe with multiple portions, the create a recipe function allows you to input the ingredients in bulk and will then divide it into portion sizes based on how many you specified that the dish will contain. If you end up having more than one portion, all you need to do is change the quantity.
  3. Stop paying attention to the calories and macros that the app has attempted to assign you. We have correctly calculated your specific macros based on all aspects of your lifestyle, while the app simply goes off your age, weight, height & goals. There is so much more that goes into a correct macro plan!
  4. Double check the macro values! Some people upload incorrect nutrition facts of foods and this can definitely mess you up when it comes to tracking accuracy. When in doubt, the foods with green check marks are generally safer than those without, but that is not always the case. If you are unsure, get on the internet and double check!
  5. Do not waste your time tracking your exercise. It does not change anything when it comes to counting macros and we will never have you subtract macros or calories based on your workouts. This is not only inefficient, it simply does not make sense because we take your activity levels into consideration when coming up with your specific macro plan.
  6. SCAN EVERYTHING YOU CAN! This will cut your tracking time in half and the scanned values are generally accurate.
  7. When eating out or eating a dish that has already been prepared with no measurements, always overestimate the macros when in doubt. For example, If you have a piece of chocolate cake, search “chocolate cake” in the app and choose the food entry with the worst macros. It’s always better to overestimate than to underestimate.
  8. Keep your app updated! Staying up to date with the latest software ensures optimal function and lessens the chance that the app crashes while you are in the middle of tracking.
  9. If you are guilty of forgetting to track, set reminders & alarms on your phone so that you have no excuse!

10.When in doubt, TEXT YOUR NUTRITIONIST. If you are confused and having issues with myfitnesspal, bring it to our attention! We want you to be successful!


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Written by Emily Ventura B.S Public Health

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