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10 macro-friendly road trip snacks

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10 macro-friendly road trip snacks

10 macro-friendly road trip snacks

Long car rides aren’t an excuse for sabotaging your diet. You can 100% stay on track while in “road trip mode”. Here are 10 macro-friendly road trip snacks to enjoy while you’re getting from point A to B!

  1. Protein Bars

Bars like quest bars, combat bars, fitjoy bars, etc are wonderful road trip snacks. They’re easy to pack, and most convenience stores will even sell them if you don’t have time to grab some before hitting the road. They have a great balance of proteins, fats, & carbs and can easily be a meal replacement if need be.

  1. Sandwiches/Wraps

Similar to protein bars, sandwiches and wraps have a great balance of all 3 macros. Save carbs by making your own on a low carb tortilla or light bread, or even better use a high-protein bread like p28! Add proteins such as turkey, grilled chicken, ham, etc. Avocado or cheese are great ideas for fats. If you’re really watching the carbs, just bring deli cold cuts rolled up to munch on.

  1. Fresh fruit and veggies

Pack easy snacks like apples, carrots, cucumbers, grapes, bananas etc! Fruits and veggie are very filling thanks to their high water and fiber content. If you find yourself mindlessly snacking in the car, reach for a low calorie, crunchy veggie like cucumbers or carrots. They’ll satisfy your craving to munch on something without too many calories. Fruits are also great, quick and easy sources of carbs!

  1. Yogurt/Cottage Cheese

If you’re able to pack a cooler bag, yogurt or cottage cheese is a phenomenal option! Both options are very filling thanks to their high protein content. When it comes to yogurt, if you can stick to the plain nonfat greek yogurt, you’ll save even more carbs and they have a much higher protein content than the flavored kind. If the bitter taste isn’t your thing, add a packet of stevia or some fresh fruit like strawberries for sweetness!

  1. Premade Protein Shakes

Many grocery stores and convenience stores carry premade protein shakes. One notable brand is premier protein, which has 30 grams of protein and does not require a shaker bottle! These are great if you are the one behind the wheel and want to fight hunger before you reach for the bad stuff.

  1. Hard boiled eggs and egg whites

These travel easily, and can be made ahead of time! They’re extremely filling and are a great source of protein and fats (if you eat the yolk that is).

  1. Cheese sticks

Cheese is easy to overdo if you don’t watch your portions, but when you control the portions it’s an excellent source of protein and fats! A cheese stick makes that portion control easy. Plus, they make light/diet cheese sticks now that have a fantastic protein to fat ratio.

  1. Jerky

Beef or turkey jerky is a portable protein source that you can find at pretty much any rest stop. The macros are usually great, with turkey jerky being a little lighter than the beef.

  1. Rice cakes

Rice cakes are filling and fairly low calorie/carb. Quaker even makes awesome flavors like tomato basil and caramel. If you have the fats to spare you could even add some nut butter for an additional treat.

  1. Popcorn

Popcorn is a food that is very “high volume” in the sense that you can eat a lot of it for a small amount of calories/macros when compared to similar foods like chips and pretzels. Make a 100 calorie bag of “smart pop” before your trip and munch away guilt free!

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Written by: Emily Ventura BS Public Health

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