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10 Important Facts About Revolutionize

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10 Important Facts About Revolutionize

10 Important Facts About Revolutionize

Before signing up and working with your RevolutioniZe Nutritionist, there are a few things you should know about us! Here are some important facts to know about RevolutioniZe and your nutritionist!


  1. Each of the nutritionists that we hire here has at least a Bachelor’s Degree. Some are even studying to get their masters. In addition to having the brains to carry out the job, the nutritionists at RevolutioniZe also count their macros and follow the rev program. They are a great resource for tips, tricks and recipes, because they are all going through their own personal nutrition and fitness journeys themselves!


  1. We are a non-clinical setting, which means we do not take insurance. This also means that we are not doctors, nurses, dietitians, physicians assistants, etc. We are not intending to diagnose, treat or cure any chronic or acute illness that any client may present themselves with. If you have a condition of concern, your nutritionist will most likely ask for a doctors’ note, or your physician’s contact information. And while we are not diagnosing/treating/curing/analyzing ANY illness, a proper nutrition/fat loss plan may dramatically help with reducing signs and symptoms of specific conditions, and even nutrient-related lab tests such as HBA1c, cholesterol, etc.


  1. We do not mind when you text us questions! Clients always apologize profusely to their nutritionists, feeling bad or that they’re bothering us. This is our job! We do not mind responding to client texts, and if the time is not right, we will simply respond when we can.


  1. Similar to #3, you do not need to apologize to your nutritionist when you slip up or your diet is not perfect. We are human too, after all, and we understand perfection is unrealistic. It’s about being consistient rather than perfect. Consistency goes a long way. And at the end of the day, this is a science-based plan that we KNOW works, it’s just up to our clientele to implement the strategies appropriately and correctly. We will never be angry, disappointed or upset with you if you’re falling off-track. Our job is to keep you accountable but at the end of the day, it’s up to you!


  1. There are NO stupid questions, and when in doubt, more information is preferred over less information! We are not mind readers, although that’d be pretty cool, so you need to share any updated information, inquiries or concerns with us accordingly. If aspects of your life such as activity levels, job, schedule aspects, etc., change, we need to know so we can adjust your macronutrients and/or your appointment slots accordingly. Also, if you have an issue or a problem with the program or your nutritionist, please address it with your nutritionist. We want you to feel you are getting the most out of the program and if there is anything we can do to assist you in ensuring this, we would love to do so.


  1. We love to accommodate our clients, but unfortunately if you need to reschedule your weekly appointment at the last minute, there is no guarantee you’ll get in for the week. There will always be one slot available for each client, but this is why we schedule in advance, and this is also why if you need to change the date/time we might not be able to accommodate you. We will ALWAYS try our hardest to get you into our schedules, but they generally will book up about a week in advance, which means if you need to change at the last minute, there’s no guarantee that a particular slot (or any slot) will be open. Whether it means squeezing you in for a 15 minute slot or giving you a call when last minute cancels happen, we will always try our hardest, but recognize that just like any other appointment, time slots are going to be first come, first serve.


  1. Scheduling in advance is fine! As previously stated, we will always have a slot once a week for you. Thus, if your schedule is tight and you need a particular time or day each week, speak to your nutritionist and see if you can schedule through the month or so to ensure you can have a similar slot each week.


  1. You can bring your children, spouse, pets, etc. to your appointments. For the best focus & to really get the most out of your weekly appointment, we recommend coming distraction-free, but our facility is child, spouse, and pet-friendly! J


  1. While we do sell a lot of interesting goodies up front, we will never pressure you to purchase them. Our nutritionists are not commissioned for retail sale. Any product they are recommending is not to make a sale, but rather an actual recommendation based on their personal experience with the product. If you have a question about a product we sell up front, don’t be afraid of getting pressured into buying something you don’t need, our nutritionists will give you their honest opinion.


  1. We work as a team! Even if your friend is seeing a different nutritionist as you, the program is the same, with the only thing differing being macronutrients for each client, as everybody is different. Thus, if a specific nutritionist is unable to meet with you at the moment, don’t be hesitant to meet with a different one. We all work together and communicate with one another all day.

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    Written by: Emily Ventura BS Public Health

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