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Whats your favorite cheat/treat meal?

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Whats your favorite cheat/treat meal?

What’s your favorite cheat/treat meal?

First thing’s first remember it is a cheat meal not a cheat day so do not ruin your progress by cheating the whole day. Most of us like to feel rewarded for doing something well so when we eat well throughout the week and are on track it is nice to look forward to a cheat meal and know you deserve it and do not have to feel guilty about it after.  It is easiest to plan the cheat meal out in advance this way you know exactly what meal will be your cheat and it will not set you up for failure.  The reason we do cheat meals is to make your diet more feasible and not feel like torture. It is a lifestyle change anyways so we want “dieting” to be fun and sustainable. While your goal for a cheat meal should be to fully satisfy your junk food desires, cheat meals do require some form of moderation and compromise. Your body still needs the 3 essential macronutrients for energy and to build muscle so make sure you work your day around your cheat meal, for example if you use your cheat meal at breakfast make sure you work your lunch and dinner to be good macronutrient dense foods. Another trick is if you are using the cheat for dinner try to get all your protein in before the cheat this way you have lots of room for carbs and fats and do not have to go completely over your macros. Think of your cheat meal as a time to enjoy different protein, carbs and fats like switching from grilled chicken to fried chicken for one meal or complex carbs to simple carbs. A cheat meal is whatever you want to make of it if you like grilled chicken and broccoli by all means eat it or go out to a restaurant and order it and not track it this way you feel a little bit of freedom!! Do not feel like you are cheating on your meal plan consider it as a treat that you deserve after working so hard all week J

Here are some of the RevolutioniZe’s  favorite meals:


Mexican food(nachos,enchiladas)

Fries/chips/fried foods

Breakfast foods














Mj’s, Fireside on 79, Rosie’s, 10th ave burrito in Belmar

Mj’s, Metro café, Windmill, McDonald’s

Meemoms, Comfi, Hudson Café, Bagel nook

Kyoto, Fusha in Freehold

Metro Café, McDonalds, Mac & cheese burger from cheesecake factory

Federici’s, Pete & Elda’s, Pizza hut(Hawaiian pizza), Earth Pizza, Deninos

Pistachio Ice cream cake from Brando’s in Asbury, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Broad Street Donuts



Other Favorite meals (9): Cuban sandwich, yellow rice, & black beans from Haven Central, All you can eat Brazilian, Prime Rib, Commited Pig, Texas Roadhouse, Red Robin, Starbucks Fried Seafood from Peter’s Fishery, Mozzarella and prosciutto sandwich

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Written By:  Rebecca Desousa BS Nutritional Sciences

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