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The 5 worst things to say to someone who is losing weight/fat

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The 5 worst things to say to someone who is losing weight/fat

The 5 worst things to say to someone who is losing weight/fat

Sometimes when we see someone in our life who is trying to better themselves and lose weight/fat we don’t know what we should do whether to applaud them for their hard-work or de-emphasize it and avoid talking about? Most of the time the person doesn’t want to be praised or even have attention drawn to them unless they are the ones who bring it up you shouldn’t bring it up. People going through a fat-loss journey are typically trying to be mentally strong as well so they may misinterpret your well-intentioned comments. There are people who love to get positive feedback about their weight or look, but it is more common than you’d think to have a negative reaction.

Here are the 5 things you should probably avoid saying to someone who is trying to lose fat.

  1. “How much more do you have to lose?”
    1. This is problematic because asking someone how much they want to lose sort of indicates that they can’t possibly be happy with where they are at right now…but what if they are done losing weight and are comfortable with themselves, who are you to judge? Again if they don’t tell you how much they want to lose don’t ask.
  2. “You can’t eat that”
    1. Who gives you the right to judge what someone can and cannot eat!! You do not know what the person has built into their plan for that day so if you see them eating a cookie let them enjoy their treat J The last thing you want to do is increase food anxiety and induce guilt about eating certain foods.
  3. “You look so much better then you did before”
    1. Chances are the person is aware of this and do not need you to point it out. If they want your opinion they will ask!
  4. “You are looking skinny or too skinny”
    1. This is irritating to hear!!!!! First off the word “lean” is a better term to use when someone is losing fat but when you call someone too skinny or tell them they are losing too much weight you can make them feel poorly about themselves and their fat loss journey and make them have to give you excuses for why they look the way you do, which is ridiculous because they are in control of their body and should do what makes them happy and shouldn’t have to give you any excuses. I understand if it is getting to the point where it is a health concern and they are developing an eating disorder but you saying that they are too skinny isn’t helping anything.
  5. “Wow, you look so good”
    1. This seems harmless I know but this well-meaning statement can cause body-image issues to surface, which can in the worst case cause an eating problem for someone. People you are trying to support can sometimes equate your compliments about their weight loss as an indicator that there was something wrong with them when they weighed more.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t talk about each other’s weight at all; you never really know what someone is going through. If you notice someone in your life has lost weight, ask them how they are genuinely doing. Compliment them on how happy and confident they seem. Draw attention to their strengths and give them unconditional love and support. Avoid conversations about food, weight, and body image unless someone reaches out to you asking for help and support.

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Written By:  Rebecca Desousa BS Nutritional Sciences

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